Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good Ol' Brain Power

I am listening to a 90s station and am wondering how I can rid her brain of song lyrics by the likes of Wilson Phillips and Tony Toni Tone. Seriously- I need that extra space.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Socks Are Forever!

I am having a blast in rehearsals for "Socks," which has an all-star cast. I play a well-to-do cashmere sock named Cassie who is thrust into Sockland and ends up being the savior who librates them all from the evil, Hacker.

Wanna come?

DIRECTED BY STEVEN SMELTZER (National Tour: Great American Trailer Park Musical )

Book, Lyrics and Music
Sharon Barnett (Bowery Follies)
Michael McFrederick (Bowery Follies, Around The World In A Bad Mood)

SUNDAY, APRIL 26th - 2:30PM
Doors open 1/2 hour prior to curtain
Wine reception to follow performance

711 Seventh Avenue (between 47th and 48th Streets)
Manhattan, NYC

RSVP by April 18, 2009 to erin @
LIMITED SEATING- all reservations must be confirmed

(in alphabetical order)

*BRENDA BRAXTON (Broadway: Chicago (Velma Kelly), Tony Award Nominee Smokey Joe's Cafe)

*NICOLA BLACKMAN (UK : Lion King (Shenzi) , International Tour: Mamma Mia (Rosie)

*ERIN CRONICAN (National Tour Revival: Suds, The Rockin' 60s Musical Soap Opera (Originated role of Cindy), CW: Veronica Mars (co-star)

*JADE HICKS (National Tour: Rent (Alexi Darling/US Mimi)

*JEFFERY W. HOLMES (Off Broadway: National Comedy Theater, Seven Angels Theatre: Buddy (The Big Bopper)

*MATTHEW LABANCA (Broadway: Young Frankenstein (Dr. Frankenstein cover), Children of Art. National Tours: Crazy for You (Bobby)

*SIMON PEARL (Broadway and National Tours: Les Miserables (Gavroche)

*ADAM SHORSTEN (currently working Off-Broadway with producer Timothy Child's : Erotic Broadway, NBC: Grease: You're The One That I Want (Danny Zuko Finalist)

*TIMOTHY WARE (Broadway 2nd National Tour: Mamma Mia (Sky)

* Members of Actors' Equity Association

Monday, April 6, 2009

Stepping into a new Type Category

I got new headshots recently, and one of the shots I was looking to get was to show my strong, sassy side. Now that I have this shot, I am finding myself being called in for very different roles than I am used to. Here are some of the breakdowns for auditions that I have coming up this week:

Short Film:

'Grandpa' is the story of Frankie, a small-town stripper who must finish her shift at the club after finding out that her grandfather has just died. An exploration into the surreal experience of grieving in place where grief is taboo, Frankie's day takes a dramatic turn when her grandfather appears in the club, culminating into a breathtaking and magical scene of redemption and regret. 11 min.

FRANKIE (FEMALE) - A pretty mess of a girl, Frankie is in her late 20's. Despite her childlike sweetness, she's been thoroughly beaten down by the world and has seen EVERYTHING during her 10 years working in the sex industry. *Having a dance background is a plus but not required. *Though this role suggests nudity, there are no nude or semi-nude scenes for this character.

And, another Short Film:

This is a neo-noir short about an unhappy woman who meets a man in a bar and the relationship that ensues. Think Blue Velvet/River's Edge/Last Seduction. Nudity: The developmental portion of this project WILL NOT contain nudity. However, depending on how the script takes shape there WILL MORE LIKELY THAN NOT be some nudity in the shoot for both Morris and Iris.

IRIS (LEAD): Quirky, 29. A girl with an edge and a secret. Super Sexy, perhaps unconventionally. Again, refer to the movies I've listed, but I'll see everyone. She is trying to escape her unhappy life, and is perhaps reckless in doing so. She is the object of any man's obsession but is a little girl with big dreams at heart.

I have never been the kind of actor who would be called in for “sexy” roles, nor for “she’s a mess” kinds of roles, though I always submit for everything that is in my age range. So my auditions have been taking a very interesting turn. I also have never really been a fan of nudity (more for aesthetic reasons, not moral ones) and normally do not submit for those. But it seems that these producers might be easier to work with on making sure the nudity is tasteful and doesn’t go any direction I don’t want it to. Film is forever, and the last thing I want is my naked body out there in the universe without some sort of control over it!

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