Friday, January 2, 2009

Swapping one activity for another

There were two activities I was going to do tonight which would have greatly influenced my career on the networking side. Instead, I opted to stay home and work on audition materials for this weekend’s audition. Part of me feels badly that I missed these events, but part of me also feels great that I put my audition preparation before socializing (even if the socializing was career driven.) It’s a constant battle when being your own boss- sometimes you have to make the tough choices in order to prioritize, and there is no one to blame but yourself (having a boss would be so much easier sometimes!) But it was a very productive evening, through and through.

What I Did For My Acting Career Today
1) Read 3 acting related blogs
2) Took two 10-minute walks to get the blood/muscles going
3) Finished reading the play for this weekend’s audition
4) Selected my audition piece based on the play, and started planning
5) Signed up for a new casting service
6) Looked into “how to do a valley girl accent” for a reading I have on Monday

Not that exciting, but productive, as I said. Hope for more and better this weekend. Now I am off to plan for a meeting I have tomorrow for an audition event that I am helping to produce. Busy busy!

The Smells of New York

This will be an post that gets added to as time goes on, and I welcome your comments/additions to add to the fun. One of the most wonderful yet unsettling facts about New York is that you are constantly experiencing strong smells. Some of them are fantastic, and some of them are downright filthy. This blog post is dedicated to all of them.

The Smells of New York (in no particular order...)

Hot, Candied Nuts ....probably my very favorite smell....
Fresh blossoms on tree-lined streets
Homeless people
Christmas trees in December- yum
Urine (from dogs and people)
Bakery smells, such a butter that is being warmed
Garlic from Italian restaurants
Garbage, which is waiting to be picked up in the evenings

Leave a comment and tell me- what smells stand out to you?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Playing real people

I saw “Milk” on Monday, and was absolutely blown away. What a great film, and what a great job Sean Penn did. I have not yet gotten a chance to play a “real” person, and I am wondering how good I would be at it (I came close when I did “The Wizard of Oz” and was asked to revive Billie Burke’s performance.) I have always been really good at mimicking voices and accents, but when I do so it feels like a hollow performance. I am preparing for a developmental reading of a play where I need to have a valley girl accent. When I do the accent perfectly, the acting suffers. And when I act, the accent suffers. Therefore, I have to do a lot of preparation so I can do both at the same time (like walking and chewing gum at the same time?) I can only imagine what it must be like, then, to have to do a honest portrayal on a real person. Anyway, I loved “Milk” and I would welcome the challenge of researching someone and affectionately portraying them. Yay for Sean Penn- he is a pleasure to watch.

And now for a new feature for the Theatrdiva...

What I Did For My Career Today
I have created this new section for accountability and motivation... sometimes I’ll get through a whole day and think, “I didn’t do anything for my acting career today!” when in fact, I did. Or, sometimes I feel like I do much of the same thing day after day. If I write about it, I might notice the trend sooner and spice things up by throwing in something different (liek, perhaps working on accents AND acting!)

So, here we go...

1) I went to the gym and did 35 minutes of intense cardio
2) I went through 2 casting websites and 1 casting newsletter and submitted for 3 projects
3) I re-read a play in preparation for an audition
4) I blogged! =)
5) I sent out invitations to a bunch of production folks- I am starring in a web series this year and I am setting up a networking event so our executive producer can meet some NYC production folks when he is in town. So, if you are involved with anything BEHIND the camera, shoot me an email and I will send you further details.

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