Saturday, August 2, 2008


One of the great things about living in NYC is how vibrant the culture is here. And not just theater- film, writing, art, fashion... it’s all here. Tonight I got a glimpse inside two of these worlds. In the late afternoon I attended a book release party for a writer friend of mine, and in the early evening I went to an invite only premiere screening of my friend’s film, Wake, held at Tribeca Cinemas. I got to dress up and drink sangrias and eat empanadas. I also got to see my name on a VIP guest list and stand in front of the movie posters to have my picture taken my several different photographers. It was almost like these parties were thrown just for me. Well, here’s to dreaming.

Oh, and by the way, Tom and I look really good together on the red carpet!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Feel like I'm on a roll...

Or is that “a role”...

I have had a bunch of auditions recently, and I have been called back for a few of the roles. It has felt... well, it has felt great. I have been so busy, in fact, that it has been tough to have time to write this blog. Each night this past week I have been spending time preparing for the next day’s audition. It is wonderful to be able to plan one day at a time and not get too wrapped up in the result of each audition. If today’s doesn’t net me a job, I have another one tomorrow. And so on. This is why I moved to new York- I could audition every single day of the month and never run out of opportunities.

More important than getting cast is getting to show my skills to a new batch of casting directors. I was able to meet Carol Hanzel and Judy Bowman, two independent casting directors that I had yet to meet in person. They have now been added to my “follow up” list and I look forward to keeping them apprised of my adventures in this wacky business!

I got a wonderful phone call from the casting director of the web series I auditioned for. The producer really loved my work, and decided that they would like to create a role for me in their project! I have a meeting set up with the director on Saturday to explore the possibilities. At this point, nothing is decided so the project or role could fall through. But it is so wonderful to meet someone who jives with my acting style- and I am open to whatever direction this is headed.

Another very exciting development is my involvement with a beautiful play, which I will be doing a reading of in September. This role is absolutely perfect for me- the character is strong, sexy, self-depricating, passionate, idealistic, and wildly vulnerable. Our current director has a huge passion for this show, and he is hoping that there is some way for the show to have a life after the reading. He has been in touch with the playwright, who has given the reading his blessing and will be in attendance. But the playwright is also in talks with another group who has some names attached, so it is likely that our version will end with the reading. The director did tell me today, however, that the other show’s participants will be coming to our reading, and that their show many not be fully cast. So, there is a slim chance that I may be able to move on with the project no matter who is producing. Here’s hoping...

Next week I am scheduled to go to 5 EPAs for various shows. It is a real struggle, sometimes, to wake up in time to get a firm slot in that day’s audition calendar. I know- sob, sob... but I tend to be a night owl and get all of my best work done after midnight (it is 1:46am as I am typing now.) If I go to sleep early, I am cutting into evening work time, and if I sleep a full 7-8 hours I cut into morning work time. Argh! But, as frustrating as this can be, it is the life I choose and I am thrilled with the choice. But I am just happy that I don’t have an audition in the morning!

House Potato

You know... It is very hard to find stuff to write about when I never leave the house. I guess that’s what happens when I work for myself and all of my work is done from home.

I am a boring boss. I should fire someone.

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