Monday, January 7, 2008

Speaking of resemblance...

I just got a call to do a week of stand-in work for Naomi Watts, who is on location shooting a film in NYC next week. Unfortunately, next week I have a bunch of seminars scheduled with agents and casting directors, as well as 4-5 theater auditions, so I had to turn it down. It’s a tough choice- the ability to make about $1000 and meet a production team who will be able to see that I am a similar type to Naomi, vs taking the steps to advance my career with local agents and CDs. I think I made the right choice- and I am looking forward to seeing what I can generate through the meetings next week!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Politics of Dancing (um, what?)

My friend, Judd, posted a very well-spoken reaction to some of this weekend's news on his blog. There is one section in particular I wanted to pass on because it seems to echo some of the thoughts in my head about the upcoming election.

I didn't realize until after the Iowa caucuses how much I wanted Senator Clinton to win the Democratic nomination. I have been hesitant to make any strong choices before seeing how things pan out because I want to know how the candidates would fare after a long fight (they always seem to change their tune.) But after Iowa I was trying to search for the words to describe how I was feeling about the senator coming in third after being so far in the lead, and Judd's blog has really pinpointed some saddening facts about this woman running for president.

Read it by clicking here.

Now, you certainly don't have to believe the way I do about anything I put on this blog- but for the future of our country I strongly encourage you to learn everything you can about the candidates and vote for someone you feel will represent your needs in Washington. Talk to your friends and family and inspire debate in others. Like it or not, change is coming- we just have to make sure it is a change we can get behind.

PS: My mother, a Republican for nearly her whole life and a 2-time Bush voter (well, 4, if you count Bush Sr.), is voting for Senator Clinton. She believes that Clinton may be the right choice for the first woman to run the White House. Could you imagine??? Oh, happy day!

Friday, January 4, 2008

For the ladies

This is a special message to the ladies out there who have a fear of what lurks on public restroom toilet seats:


I am sorry for shouting, but good god people. There is very little that can be transferred from a butt to the seat and picked up by another butt. But if you HOVER, the pee splatters all over the seat and creates wet problems for the next person. Don’t you notice the toilet seat when you turn around to flush? Can you not see the nastiness you are leaving? It should be common sense to at least wipe off the seat of it gets wet, but people are apparently afraid of their own pee.

Once and for all, read this report on how there is NOTHING to be feared from sitting on a toilet seat:

Article: You can find more germs on a desktop than a toilet seat.

If you still have to hover, PLEASE clean up after yourself.

Thank you.

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