Friday, August 25, 2006

Do I want to be an actor this badly?

Another one from the "Craigslist Weird files"

(this is an actual job notice)

"We're looking for actors who can develop pieces of theater, scenic [sic] deisgners, composers, playwrights, visual, musical, and performing artists. We have read Schechner and Peter Brook but this is 2006. We are idealists but really just want to work. You will be paid but you won't just be handed a pre-packaged play on a platter, maybe you won't even have a "role" maybe you'll have to scientifically explore what it means to put [sic] behaviour on stage. Maybe you'll have to whisper your lines while standing in a sink in an apartment full of sweaty audience members.

Recently moved to the city? A student of theater at one of these esteemed universities? Free falling in a world where Gurney rules and the audiences are full of deaf, blind old women? Love Grotowski but aren't a hippie? Want this generation of theatre to be "the one? E-mail ******* with your resume, ideas, and questions and we'll set up an interview/audition."

[I have omitted the theater's name & contact information to try to stave off the hordes of hate mail that would, undoubtedly, come their way from my loyal blog subscribers...]

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Join me in seeing Randi Driscoll TONIGHT in NYC

Randi is an amazing singer/songwriter, and Noah is her fearless, wonderful percussionist. You can call for reservations, the information is below.


Randi Driscoll and Noah Heldman


Saturday - August 19th NYC 8PM
The Metropolitan Room
34 West 22nd Street, NYC

With very special guests

For reservations please call 212-206-0440

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