Tuesday, September 1, 2015

3 Things That Inspire Me: Vol 4

I’ve been following an amazing blog, The Simple Dollar, for a while now - and I wanted to share with you one of my favorite features: Ten Pieces of Inspiration. Each month, writer Trent Hamm talk about 10 things that inspire him to (quote) “greater financial, personal, and professional success.” I get so gosh darned inspired by his posts that I thought I would create my own “inspiration posts” in homage to his great work.

#1 Taking the Old with the New

I took this when I was in Scotland (Edinburgh Castle)

I absolutely love old architecture and seeing remnants of the past mixed in with our modern hustle and bustle. There's something about stone and brick that makes me feel at home. I don't know why this is - I was raised in southern California with adobe and stucco are the norm. But I find myself drawn to these things and am always glad when I have a camera with me (which is so easy to have with these darned smart phones!) I also love seeing how history stacks up to nature:

I took this at Notre Dame (Paris) with wild blooming roses in front

And here's one in our own backyard!

Stone storefront on 2nd Avenue in Kips Bay, NYC

#2 Best Friends

Erin and Candice (2013 at The Salon Open Mic.)

I know, I know. I hate the lingo that the kids use these days. But I feel giddy like a teenager when I think about my best friend, Candice Oden. I've noticed that once I became an adult it became harder to build and keep strong friendships because life always seems to get in the way. So when I met Candice (the most amazing human on the planet) I knew I had to do something different to keep her in my life. First, I plied her with bourbon and tequila for late night talks. Then I seduced her with duets from musical theater (notably Wicked and Jekyll & Hyde.) Then finally, one day I asked her if she would be my best friend, and she said yes! (Ask her to tell you the full story sometime. She does a really good impression of shy Erin.)

My Bestie sent this photo to me. Of Course.
Don't mess with Best Friends!

#3 Puns and Literal Humor

I. Cannot. Stop. Laughing.

Heck yeah it does!

You have to say this one out loud for full effect.

Note: The last time I posted in this series I talked about "my healthy body." Since then my health has been a real struggle (read how here), and I do not take one moment of health for granted.

What inspires you? Leave a comment and let me know. Or, better yet, create your own blog series about inspiration and post a link to it so we can all take part!

Erin Cronican's career as a professional actor and career coach has spanned the last 25 years in New York City, Los Angeles and San Diego. She has appeared in major feature films and on television, and has toured nationally with plays and musicals. She has worked in the advertising & marketing departments of major corporations, film production companies, theater magazines, and non-profit acting organizations. For more information, please visit http://www.erincronican.com.


  1. Lovely people like Erin Cronican inspire me. You do the best to put the CAN in Cronican every time. Thanks for ShERIN your stories.

  2. A great list here! I definitely find that nature can really help inspire me. Something about taking a break and walking down a nature trail is so refreshing - it helps me get back at things full force.


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