Friday, August 7, 2015

Confronting My Neighbor

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This is goes into the “now I’ve seen everything” files...

Late tonight I unlocked the font door to my build and saw a guy at the other end of the hallway, facing the wall sort of in the corner. My eyes became wider as I realized that HE WAS PEEING ON THE WALL. I was alone and it was late, and I didn’t know this guy so I wasn’t entirely sure if I should say anything. Then I realized it was me we’re talking about - of course I said something!

Me: Can I help you?

Him (turning slowly to see me): I’m in the bathroom.

Me: Not really. You’re peeing in the corner.

Him: Oh...? (Seems confused, but continues peeing.)

Me: Am I going to have to call someone on you?

Him: I’m sorry...Uh...I’m sorry. (He grabs his keys out of his pocket, then walks two sets to his front door and opens the unlocked door, goes inside, and closes the door.)

Me: (standing there dumbfounded)

Yep. Dude just walked outside his front door, peed in the corner of his neighbor’s doorway, and then walked back into his apartment.

NYC living...

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  1. I think i know this guy. But hey, keeps it interesting, right?

    1. Pretty sure I LIVED with him


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