Friday, August 9, 2013

3 Things That Inspire Me: Vol 3

I’ve been following an amazing blog, The Simple Dollar, for a while now - and I wanted to share with you one of my favorite features: Ten Pieces of Inspiration. Each week, writer Trent Hamm talk about 10 things that inspire him to (quote) “greater financial, personal, and professional success.” I get so gosh darned inspired by his posts that I thought I would create my own “inspiration posts” in homage to his great work.

#1 - Strangers
Photo by Erin Cronican

As much as I claim that I’m an introvert and that I would rather be alone than with a group of people, I have a special fascination with people watching. I am ALWAYS surprised. Sometimes for the better, and often for the worse, but I always feel so alive when I observe something, or someone, I’ve never seen before.

Photo by Erin Cronican

#2 - Pretty Lights

Photo by Erin Cronican

I’m not sure when I developed “bright shiny object” syndrome, but I can’t resist taking photos of colorful lights. It’s a pretty common occurrence that when out for an evening you can see me separating from the crowd to take a photo of a lamppost or a candle. I can never seem to capture the full beauty in a photo, but I sure try.

Photo by Erin Cronican

#3 - My Healthy Body

Photo by Erin Cronican

Let’s be honest. I treat my body like crap. I feed it terrible fuel with a distinct lack of nutrients. I fill the tank with way too much alcohol. And I don’t give it the workout it deserves. And yet, day after day my legs me where I want to go, my arms reach out to hold those I love, and my hearts beats wildly when I get excited by something. What an amazing vessel of spirit and machine that goes on supporting me despite its flagrant misuse by me. I’m going to do my best to honor it a little more each day.

Photo by Rob Boudon

Note: The last time I posted in this series I talked about my dog, and she ended up passing away 3 weeks later. It's been very difficult living without her, but I feel so lucky to have had the time I had. She was a constant source of inspiration. So, this post is dedicated to her.

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