Thursday, June 14, 2012

3 Things That Inspire Me: Vol 2

I’ve been following an amazing blog, The Simple Dollar, for a while now - and I wanted to share with you one of my favorite features: Ten Pieces of Inspiration. Each week, writer Trent Hamm talk about 10 things that inspire him to (quote) “greater financial, personal, and professional success.” I get so gosh darned inspired by his posts that I thought I would create my own “inspiration posts” in homage to his great work.

#1 - My Dog

This is Denver (Photo by Erin Cronican)
I have had my dog, Denver (also known as “Denver Dog”) since she was 11 weeks old. She’s now 16, with a birthday coming up on September 9, if I’m so lucky. She’s frickin’ awesome. She has lived in 7 apartments and 3 houses in 7 cities and 2 states. She has met and lived with more men than I care to count (and I’m a serial monogamist, so they were lengthy stays.) She likes it when I sing, so it became a really sad day when her hearing left her and she no longer responded when I vocalized. She has a serious attitude problem, which you’ll see in the photos. She rocks my world, and I’m inspired by her “living in the present” attitude daily.

Caption Contest! Please comment below with what Denver is thinking! (Photo by Erin Cronican)

This is what Denver looks like when she gets caught in my underwear. Bad dog. (Photo by Erin Cronican)

#2 - Subway Stations

Photo by Erin Cronican
I’m stunned by the beauty of old buildings. Always have been. For some reason subway tunnels and stations, especially those that retain some of the old fixtures, fill me with awe. I find myself taking photos of people, subway cars, light fixtures, and the tracks to try to capture the beauty that I see. Sure, subways can be sweaty and gross (take a look at the posts I written about my subway adventures) but I’ve never felt so liberated by being whisked throughout my city by a piece of steel.

"Is this antique subway car real?" (Photo by Erin Cronican)

#3 - Signs That Makes Absolutely No Sense

Apparently, this machine dispenses bacon. (Photo by Erin Cronican)

You can find me whipping out my camera at the most random times, and chances that it’s because I’ve seen a crazy sign. New York is notorious for these, because people are just chomping at the bit to express themselves. I find that my crazy, “punny” side comes out to play and I get no end of delight in sharing my twisted thoughts with those around me. I appreciate irreverence, word play, and a well-timed foul joke. I’d love it if you’d post links to some of YOUR favorite signs (in the comments section below!)

This is Rice to Riches, a rice pudding place in the East Village. (Photo by Erin Cronican)

What inspires you? Have a comment or question? Leave it by clicking below!

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  1. Love this! I must say, had the pleasure of meeting Denver and she definitely does Rock!

  2. Kristin-

    Ha! Thanks so much. I don't let her wear the underwear for guests anymore, though... :)

  3. I remember Denver! She licked my hand then never spoke to me again! LOL! What inspires me?

    * Selfless people
    * People who fight for their dreams no matter what obstacles they must overcome
    * Old people who aren't shy about telling it like it is. We can learn more from the elderly than we'll learn in any class or life experience if we just give them the time.

  4. Denver is thinking:

    "Is that shiny black thing edible?"

  5. John - She's fickle. But she's mellowed with age.

    Brandon - Truth.

  6. Denver is absolutely adorable. I know how much you miss her. Again, so sorry for your loss.

  7. Elaine - Thank you so much. I'm glad I had a chance to commemorate her here. :)


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