Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Come Closer...

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Earlier this month, I started rehearsals for one of my very favorite shows: “Closer” by Patrick Marber, the season opener for my theater company The Seeing Place. The show stars company members Erin Cronican (me!), Brandon Walker, Nick Velkov, and guest artist Elyse Fisher, and we are already having an amazing time creating this production!

At this point in the process we’re still doing table work -- talking about the situations that the scenes present and discussing some of the character work we’ll need to do to make the play gritty and real. It’s been really interesting for me. When I brought this show to the company with the hopes of producing it, I chose this role because I thought it would be very different from myself. After all, this character cheats on two different men in very painful ways, so I thought it would be interesting to get into the mind of someone like that. As we’ve started the table work, I’ve realized just how similar that character is to me in more ways than one. It’s amazing to me that we often have the same thoughts, dreams, and needs as people who do “bad” things. The question is - what will it take to make someone act out against what’s expected of them? It’s been fun to talk about what might drive someone to do the things that Anna (my character) does.

Next week, we start with breaking down the scenes and determining objectives and what kind of elements we’ll need to create artistically to make the characters believable. A lot of this will be done through improv, which will allow each actor to go deeper into the scene to find meaning and create a life beyond what is on the page. Within a few weeks, we’ll have the play memorized and will start layering in our accents (we’ll all have British dialects. Mine will be a slightly relaxed version of RP, the men’s will be Estuary, and out Alice will be a slight more refined version of Cockney.)

The show open September 21 and will run for 3 weeks, closing October 9. More details can be found here.

But that’s not where my work ends - I’m also producing this show, which means it is my responsibility (and that of the company members) to bring in funds and inspire audiences to attend. We have three amazing fundraising campaigns planned, all full of fun and merriment for those who choose to partake. Our first campaign is a fundraising party, which is being held July 23, 2011 in Astoria, Queens at 9pm. $5 cover gets you access to free food, a raffle, a tarot cards readers, advance season tickets, and $5 cocktails. Plus, I’ll be there, making a fool of myself, as usual. The event invitation can be found here.

If you cannot be at the fundraiser but would like to support our season, might you be able to make a $5-$10 donation online? Producing theater is extremely expensive - and on July 25 we have to write a $2000 deposit to the theater space. Every little bit helps - you can make your tax deductible donation by clicking here.

I’ll be writing more posts with an insider look at the rehearsal process. I’ll be sure to share some of my successes and struggles, and answer any questions you might have about producing and acting in such an intense show. I am excited about sharing this with all of you!

PS: How do you like the poster image? Designed it myself! :)

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  1. Hey, its cool reading a blog from an NYC based Actress :)
    I am in NYC myself, I want to pursue film and tv. Can you tell me what its like in NYC? I know LA is the best place but I would like to be here for now until I can afford moving to LA.


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