Saturday, August 8, 2009

Big screens and small recordings

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Today I saw myself in a major feature film- Cold Souls, starring Paul Giamatti, which opened in theaters yesterday. I play a very small role, the assistant to the director, who was played by Michael Tucker. Not much of what I shot remained in the film (including my whispered dialogue to the director) but there I was, larger than life on the big screen. What fun! The movie is funny at times, touching at times, and it is beautifully shot and acted. I'd suggest going to see it if you get a chance.

I had some other good news this week. I booked a leading role in a SAG short, being shot in The Hamptons and Connecticut at the end of August. The audition was great- my instincts for the role must have been dead on, because after the first read, the director exclaimed, "That's exactly what I wanted!" It's that kind of response that energizes you and keeps you in the game. There are lots of times that, even as a good actor, you just don't offer what the creative team wants. It doesn't mean you're bad, you're just not what they had in mind. So it is always so wonderful to connect in the audition room.

I am on my way to meet up with a composer who is doing a demo recording of a musical he wrote. It's been running quite a while in NJ, but he now wants to consider a NY production and needs a top notch recording of the key songs to help shop the project around. Today I am taking a listen to a couple of the numbers I am doing- looking forward to that!

Beyond that, I have a few meetings set up with agents to help me navigate the waters as my career grows and progresses. One in particular is promising, but all agents in the office have to sign off on new clients and I haven't met them all yet. I am waiting for the next step (which is to do a vocal audition) which isn't for a few weeks. I'll let you know how things progress.

I've been enjoying keeping up with you all on Facebook. Hope to see you there on my fan page!

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