Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Part "Lady", Part "Party Animal"

As actors, we are constantly looking for ways to define ourselves, to find that special spark that makes us complex and charming. I just took this silly Facebook quiz, and the results are so dead on that I might steal some of the phrases for my own bio:

Erin completed the quiz "What Decade Fits Your Personality Best?" with the result 1920's.

You are classy, not afraid to go against the norm, and love to celebrate the joys of life. You love to be in the "right now" of society's latest "new thing" and because of that you exert the latest fashions and put a high priority on having a great time. After all, you deserve it after all the struggles you have gone through in life thus far. You have a little rebel in you, although you don't overtly show it because you keep yourself and your standards classy, sophisticated, and elegant. And chances are, you have a thing for jazz music. You are a perfect combination of lady-like and party animal.

Check out a bit of my current bio to learn more...

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  1. I, too, took that quiz and got the same result. I was most ecstatic about the jazz music part!


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