Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You look like...

This morning I receive two messages from colleagues who said I look like Sarah Paulson. The first message:

"...I'm watching my “Studio 60” dvds at home and had I known you had a starring role on that show, I would never have asked you to read such a small part at the table read.  And for that...I am sorry..."

(This was a bit of a joke- I was invited to do a table read several months ago, and was given some small roles to read because the main roles were already cast.)

Then, not 5 minutes later, I got this message:

“The chick from Cupid reminds me of you...”

I actually saw Bobby Cannavale (who plays Cupid) on the street yesterday, and he did a double take when he saw me, and then gave me a smile. I am wondering if he thought the same thing?

Take a look and decide for yourself...

It’s nice to know that people who look like me are getting work- it means my look is marketable and I am going to ride that wave as far as it goes!


  1. You do look like her. That's uncanny. My brother has a striking resemblance to George Clooney so much so that when someone saw pictures of my wedding they asked how I knew him (George not my brother). Oh, and yeah, it's nice confirmation that you'll get work!

  2. Hee! Well, you know I think you look like her (we've talked about it). But that is hilarious about the table-read apology & also about Bonny Cannavale doing a double-take! Glad to hear others see it too!

    In addition to a physical resemblance, I think there is a similarity in the cadences of your speaking voice and also both of you project a smart sensibility. You both rock! :)



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