Sunday, March 8, 2009

Been a long few days

Hey, there, everyone. I am sure some of you are wondering, “Wow- Erin revamped her blog and let us all know about it, and then she went silent. What gives?”

Well, I am severely overworked right now because a number of exciting projects have come to fruition ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Here are the few of the things on my plate:

1) I am working as a standardized patient with the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, which is taking up a good amount of my time (nothing like paying work to be an actor!) We do simulations with medical students to help them practice their skills with patients. It is hugely gratifying and lots of fun.

2) I am in pre-production on a web series that I am the title character on. At the end of this month we are shooting a test scene that will be used to find investors and test out our equipment to see if it gives us the look and feel we are going for. Saturday I did a character building rehearsal with the creator to start developing the emotional arc of the character, which will drive the pace of the project. This is what we live for as actors- to have a role created for you and then be given the support and trust to bring it to life. Brilliant.

3) I am also shooting a scene for another web series next week, and if the first season goes well I am set to become a season regular in the second season. I sat down with the lead actor last week, who I will be playing opposite, to figure out a strong back story for our characters that will justify the crazy lengths he goes to try to find love.

4) I have been called in for a number of auditions this week. I have a callback for a grad film on Tuesday, I am being brought in for a new musical on Monday and an HBO promo on Wednesday. It’s fun to stretch my muscles in some many areas.

Aside from those, I produced two networking events for actors this weekend, one of which through my company, The Actors’ Enterprise. I am excited about a long-awaited day off tomorrow! (Well, it’s sort of a day off- I have to prepare for the audition and pick up my newly printed headshots!)

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