Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Back... and better than ever

A update on things...

As you know, I recently got new headshots by Peter Dressel. We both liked our session so much that he offered me another session when he moved into a brand new studio! See some of the new shots here- I am really happy with my mix of studio and natural lighting shots!

Even on vacation you're never far away from networking. While out at dinner in Washington DC, I became acquainted with a regular of the restaurant who turned out to be the president of an educational multimedia company. Upon returning home, I had an email in my inbox with a proposal for a series of industrial videos. This producer has not worked with SAG actors before, so I am going to walk him through the process and hopefully he will hire union talent for this project!

I just finished a mailing to a couple of agents who have been referred to me by some other industry folks, and I am looking forward to setting up those appointments to see if we are a good match. In the meantime, I continue to self submit, polish my audition skills, and practice my craft. What a wonderful life!

Addendum: Per a comment below, here is a sneak peek at the photo session:


  1. Hi there!

    Very interesting blog!

    I'm just curious. How much does Peter Dressel charge?

  2. I believe his regular rate is $300, which is so much cheaper than many photographers in NYC. What's nice is that he has a huge loft in Brooklyn with access to both studio and natural lighting, so you will have a lot of styles to choose from. He's also a master retoucher, so if there are adjustments that need to be made, your photo will NOT look retouched.

  3. Hi!
    If you can put your picture in here, this blog will be better.
    Just my own opinion.
    See you around.


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