Friday, January 2, 2009

Swapping one activity for another

There were two activities I was going to do tonight which would have greatly influenced my career on the networking side. Instead, I opted to stay home and work on audition materials for this weekend’s audition. Part of me feels badly that I missed these events, but part of me also feels great that I put my audition preparation before socializing (even if the socializing was career driven.) It’s a constant battle when being your own boss- sometimes you have to make the tough choices in order to prioritize, and there is no one to blame but yourself (having a boss would be so much easier sometimes!) But it was a very productive evening, through and through.

What I Did For My Acting Career Today
1) Read 3 acting related blogs
2) Took two 10-minute walks to get the blood/muscles going
3) Finished reading the play for this weekend’s audition
4) Selected my audition piece based on the play, and started planning
5) Signed up for a new casting service
6) Looked into “how to do a valley girl accent” for a reading I have on Monday

Not that exciting, but productive, as I said. Hope for more and better this weekend. Now I am off to plan for a meeting I have tomorrow for an audition event that I am helping to produce. Busy busy!

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