Friday, January 2, 2009

The Smells of New York

This will be an post that gets added to as time goes on, and I welcome your comments/additions to add to the fun. One of the most wonderful yet unsettling facts about New York is that you are constantly experiencing strong smells. Some of them are fantastic, and some of them are downright filthy. This blog post is dedicated to all of them.

The Smells of New York (in no particular order...)

Hot, Candied Nuts ....probably my very favorite smell....
Fresh blossoms on tree-lined streets
Homeless people
Christmas trees in December- yum
Urine (from dogs and people)
Bakery smells, such a butter that is being warmed
Garlic from Italian restaurants
Garbage, which is waiting to be picked up in the evenings

Leave a comment and tell me- what smells stand out to you?


  1. Nick's Pizzeria, Corner Cafe and Bakery, dog parks (especially when it's raining or just after), the elevator at 51st street station (ugh!), Chinatown (could have it's own smell blog altogether), the smell of weed being smoked in Washington Square Park . . .

  2. I've become very attuned to this, because I remember that The Plaza Hotel in the old days had a heady combination of rich muskiness - a blend of Chanel No. 5, coffee, cigarettes, chocolate, spilled champagne, cigars, Persian carpets, fine wood, and fresh flowers. A ton of flowers, mostly lilies. Or something like that. When the hotel reopened, the smell was gone and with it, the aura.

  3. That is so cool- great recall!


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