Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fan Newsletter

In a moment of brilliance (or perhaps a lifetime of dunce-ness leading up to that moment) I had added a Fan Newsletter signup to my website. And the idea came from the nicest man I met on the subway.

I was headed down to a class I was teaching on the business of acting, and I was applying my makeup on the subway. When I finished with everything, I casually turned to my left and saw a jolly man sitting next to me. He was amused by my handiwork, commenting that I must have a surgeon’s hand to be so precise on the train. He then asked me if I was an actor, and we got into a conversation about films and theater. He really seemed like a fan of artists so I gave him my business card so he could look me up and follow my career, and he gave me his in return. And then it occurred to me- I already had a newsletter set up for industry folks- why not expand it to include fans of my work?

Building a fan base is exactly what actors should be doing in their career. Fans can be agents, casting directors, producers, fellow actors, and regular folks too. Thinking about my career in this way has given me a little jolt of excitement. If you want to know more about newsletters and signup forms, leave me a comment!

By the way, my new friend checked out my website and then left me a very nice message about how excited he was to know about me. How cool is that?

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