Thursday, January 15, 2009

Audition Feedback

As I may have mentioned in a previous blog, I had an audition for a feature film last week. The audition went great- going in, I knew I was younger than what the role required but they wanted to see me anyway. I was very excited after reading the script- I felt I could bring a very interesting and youthful energy to the role. I came in with a strong background created for the character, and clearly defined my environment by my actions in the scene. And I gave what I thought was a solid 2nd take after I got an adjustment from the director. The production team seemed impressed, and the director commented that my adjustment was “very specific, very good.”

Several hours after the audition I got an amazing call from the director (herself!) telling me that they are only calling back women in their 50s for the role. The breakdown listed the role as late 30s/early 40s, but at the end of the day they decided that someone older would be a better foil for the lead character. The director wanted me to know that out of everyone who auditioned, I gave the best and most specific performance after the adjustment she gave. And she also told me that though the casting director really liked me before the audition, she may very well LOVE me now. I was blown away by these comments- I call that a major success. (and, for those of you who are students of mine- THAT is what I call the "Yes" Pile!)

Thanks to everyone for your encouraging words and thoughts!

Things I did for my career this weekend
Went to the gym for a vigorous workout
Took a “Power Dance” class
Had a voice lesson
Started doing a re-edit on my vocal demo
Blogged =)


  1. Erin,

    I just noticed your comments in my last blog post. Thanks! I find much of what your blog says to be very informative and interesting (gosh, that sounds like such a canned and general response, but it's late and I really do mean it).

    I'm grateful for the opportunity to be in this virtual dialogue.

    And congrats on the stellar audition experience!


  2. Thanks, Tim. Glad to know ya!

  3. Congrats! That definitely sounds like a yes to me. I just read Tim's comment--where does he blog at?

  4. Hey, Kate! Thanks for stopping by!

    Tim's at

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