Monday, November 3, 2008

Get Your Magazines, Hee-yeah!

Um, the title above is written to sound a newsboy calling out magazines for sale. I don’t think I achieved the effect.

A few months ago I received a delightful surprise in the mail. I started receiving a magazine called Inc which has got to be one of the most awesome magazines for business owners. It came unsolicited, and there was no indication of how they received my information. The only possible clue was that the “address line #2“ included my building’s buzzer information, which I only release to people who make deliveries to my house. So, my information was either given to them from my postcard/business card printer, my custom blend coffee company, or it was handed out by Dominos Pizza (somewhat less likely than the first option.) I assumed that I was receiving what was a new magazine, and the free subscription was just to get me acquainted with it. But Inc, as it turns out, has been around for years. I searched through my credit card statements to make sure a subscription charge did not show up on there - to no avail. Somehow I got a free subscription.

Then, about 6 weeks ago, I started receiving Time Out New York. Now, my first year in NYC I had a subscription to TONY, but for the past two years I have opted, instead, to buy it on the newsstand occasionally instead of getting it every week. I inspected the subscription label- again, the address #2 line has the familiar buzzer information. I can only assume that this magazine is coming under the same pretense as Inc.

Today, I received the 2 most recent issues of Maxim. That’s right. Maxim.

I simply cannot figure this out.

Anyone else have this happen recently? Or, ever?

PS: Don’t even think about teasing me about getting Dominos delivered when I live in the city that boasts the best pizza on the planet. Just Don’t.


  1. Ha. Comedian Todd Barry has a good joke about NYC pizza. He has a friend who says he loves Trader Joe's New York City pizza. To which Todd says, "Oh yeah? You know who else has good New York City pizza? New York City."
    Love the blog.

  2. First of all, I always wondered who the people were who ate Dominoes when they live in NYC. I'm never going to let you live that one down.

    Seriously, though, this same kind of thing happened to me! I had a subscription to Entertainment Weekly randomly show up at my apartment for a whole year and I never figured out where it came from. It was the weirdest thing because I don't really read EW and it started showing up without any warning. If you figure it out, let me know, because it may hold some key to me figuring out my great mystery, as well!


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