Sunday, October 19, 2008

Is Harry Potter hairy?

I am killing my time in midtown, waiting to see my friend, Einar, in his first Broadway show. I am standing on 44th St and I notice a huge crowd gathered around one of the theatre's stage doors. A black
Escalade pulls up out front and I realize that Daniel Radcliffe just finished the afternoon show of "Equus" and everyone was waiting to get a glimpse. I can't resist. I stay put as people crowd around me, blocking my perfect vantage point.

You'd think that these people would be screaming paparazzi. But, no. It's simply theater lovers who want to show their appreciation. And that theory was proven when the door opens and Richard Griffiths walks out. The crowd threw up a roar, and I got a big grin on my face. How I love live theater, and how I love living in New York!

PS, if I hear one more person ask, "Where's Harry Potter?" I might scream. Though, come to think of it, why is HE taking so long to come out? He's NAKED in the show!

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