Thursday, October 16, 2008

Good news comes in twos

After the typical summer drought, the fall has been going amazingly well! After a great performance at a networking seminar, I have been called in to interview with a very good agency here in NYC (will protect the names of the innocent, since I want this blog to remain quasi-anonymous and don't want my blog to show up when that agent's name is Googled. You can, however, go to my acting website and see who it is...) I also have been given referrals for several mid-size agencies in New York (who I subsequently submitted to), so it is only a matter of time until I find new legit representation. I continue to be sent out by my freelance agent, Paradigm, for commercial work. This Monday I went in to audition for a Tide spot starring Tim Gunn. I did not end up booking the job, but my upward trajectory has been very exciting.

I have a possible project coming up that I am thrilled about. I recently became acquainted with an internet series writer/director who is in pre-production on a very exciting web series. We are in talks regarding a role that is being introduced in the mid part of the season. (I seem to be good at getting these- I have already been cast as a late season series regular for the web series, "Intersections.") I will be attending the table read for the first 2 episodes and will meet the production team, and if we make a good fit we will discuss the possibility of me coming on board. I love their writing style and the subject of the series, so I really hope we can make this happen.


  1. Not that there's anything wrong with that...

  2. Is it wrong that I'm disappointed not because you didn't get the gig, but because you didn't get to meet Tim Gunn?

    He's my latest man-crush.

  3. I feel the same way... would have been awesome to meet him!


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