Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fan request

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When you get an entry on IMDB, you may start to find that you receive fan emails from people who have looked at your page. It took 3 or 4 of these emails to realize that they were not sent in earnest - they always ask for a signed photograph to be sent to them, and they always talk about how my performance has made a huge impact on them. But, really, what are the chances that this guy from PA has seen my small role in “The Other Woman?” Not likely...

Here is the most recent one, which is much more effusive that the ones I normally get (it’s a little on the nutty side... and I didn’t change a THING)

Dear Miss [last name redacted]:

Hello, mam. How was your day (REALLY)? May I please introduce myself? I am Joe [last name redacted], a Retired US Army soldier ( 19734-1995 ) and veteran of " Operation Desert Storm" ( Iraq duty ). I was born in Trenton, NJ.Have I the HONOR of addressing the intellectual, exquisitely beautiful - and ( dramatically ) SEXY actress who so improved " The Other Woman" ( 2007 )? I noticed your email address in the credits on IMDB.com. I do hope my writing is in no way an impertinence or imposition? One never knows these days. I would hope you are feeling ( unconditionally ) nurtured and respected for WHO you are in your chosen self-identity? You have the power of CHOICE - in all endeavors. Your self-empowerment should always be defended, enabled, and supported - never hindered, supressed, or repressed. A gentle, sensitive, and empathetic LISTENER can help you. Could you PLEASE find it in your noble heart to send me a PHOTO? I am humbled in the asking of it - but it would be so VERY appreciated. PLEASE write back. My address is:

[address redacted]

Sincerest THANKS ! You humble me and you are GREAT!

Most Respectfully,

Joe [last name redacted]
SSG(Ret.),US Army

PS: Please stay tough, assertive, and DOMINANT in being - and expressing WHO you are.

Sounds a bit like one of those Nigerian scam letters, huh?

UPDATE: I have had a bunch of other experiences that I recommend being wary of- click here to check out my posts about them.

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  1. So... any idea what the deal actually is?

    *IS* it a scam? Maybe the first step to identity theft? If you send a signed photo, they would have your full name, a copy of your signature, and maybe a legitimate mailing address (if you send it yourself and have a return address on the envelope).

    Or am I being paranoid?

  2. I think your paranoia is fair. I have been wracking my brains to figure out what the benefit would be for a scam, because emails like this seem slimy to me. Your thought makes a ton of sense.

  3. That letter is so creepy. I think Groovybrent is right in that it's probably a scam. How bizzare!! Hope you don't get any more.

  4. I got one of those through my acting website. From a guy in Germany. Pretty sure it's a scam. Made me & my work friends laugh though.

  5. I got one of those! It made me shudder a little bit. Is it me or are email addresses NOT actually listed in credits on IMDB? Hmmm, eww. I also had a postscript about having a 'short empowering sexy hairstyle'. I have long hair.Faux stalkers should get their facts straight. Good for a laugh when i sent it to my friends for a look though!

  6. Thanks, everyone!

    I have posted a bunch of other fan letters. Check out the links here:




    The first one I listed has some VERY contentious and strange comments posted, so be sure to read them to get the full story. Creepy stuff.

    FYI- I post these so that I can help other actors research these folks to see if they are legitimate. There is not much we can do to protect our public image when our jobs require us to put ourselves out there for fans to see. I hope that this blog provides some support in that area... =)

  7. OMg I just got a fan email from the same dude in alabama. I'm an actress in LA. I'm gonna email you directly cause I've been doing a little investigating and got a little info.


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