Friday, October 31, 2008

Take two of these and call me in the morning

I am going to Brewtopia tonight. My mantra, "Must eat lots of carbs beforehand, and drinks lots of water afterward..."


PS: I considered tagging/labeling this post "Health and Fitness." Would that be wrong?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Question for NYC folks

Why does it smell like Fruit Loops on West 36th St between 7th and 8th Aves????

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Let's give 'em something to talk about

Pre-script (as opposed to Post-Script): Many of my blog posts are written while I was sitting on the couch watching syndicated runs of “Charmed” on TBS. Long live the DVR.

I’ve had some pretty encouraging news for my career lately. I just shot a guest starring role in a web series called “50 to Death” - I will be in episode 6 where I get to show off a couple of notes singing (can’t tell you what the episode is about, though!) While I was on set, I met 2 grad students from NYU who seemed to enjoy the work I was doing. We exchanged contact information - one of them has a project he is casting and he was interested in having me audition (I ended up getting an appointment for Sunday.)

I also got an email from a composer/writer I know from the Bay Area (California) who has a pilot he has written. Here’s the email he wrote to me:

“Do you visit SF often? I may have a script for you. I actually wrote it thinking of you....“

Turns out the role is for the lead character in this pilot- and it looks like FUN! So, we are going to talk and find out how we could work the logistics of having me shoot it. How frickin’ awesome would that be???

What else... Oh, I have the agent meeting this Wednesday. Send me positive thoughts around 4pm Eastern Standard Time.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Will Ferrell, eat your heart out

I know I am not supposed to laugh at this, but a homeless panhandler in the subway was suffering from "voice imodulation" problems, as described hilariously by Will Ferrell on an episode of "Saturday Night Live." This guy could not control the volume or pitch of his voice, delivering everything loud and monotone. I was biting my lip to keep from laughing- it was so funny.

If you haven't seen the sketch, it is worth the effort. View it here. Enjoy!

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

She's Funny, Folks

I'm shooting a guest starring role for the web series "50 To Death" today. It is produced by friends Norm Golden, Joan Barber and Jon Freda, and directed by Jason Sokoloff. Working on the series has been a hoot- it is improv based, much like "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and is about 3 seniors lamenting ageism for folks in the age range 50 to death. I play a voice student who sees her voice teacher on the street, and offer her my granny cart so they can carry their groceries home. I get to be cute and funny- my favorite!

You can see the first two episodes on their website- My episode is number 6, which probably won't air for a couple of months. Will let you know when you can see it!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This concerns me...

Is this because of the impending SAG strike? I shudder to think...

Audition Notice on Actors Access

"ROMANTIC COUPLES: Seeking men and women for background work, ages late 30s to 50s, to play romantic couples in a bed and breakfast scene for the new non-union Steven Soderbergh film 'The Girlfriend Experience' on Friday, Oct. 24."

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Is Harry Potter hairy?

I am killing my time in midtown, waiting to see my friend, Einar, in his first Broadway show. I am standing on 44th St and I notice a huge crowd gathered around one of the theatre's stage doors. A black
Escalade pulls up out front and I realize that Daniel Radcliffe just finished the afternoon show of "Equus" and everyone was waiting to get a glimpse. I can't resist. I stay put as people crowd around me, blocking my perfect vantage point.

You'd think that these people would be screaming paparazzi. But, no. It's simply theater lovers who want to show their appreciation. And that theory was proven when the door opens and Richard Griffiths walks out. The crowd threw up a roar, and I got a big grin on my face. How I love live theater, and how I love living in New York!

PS, if I hear one more person ask, "Where's Harry Potter?" I might scream. Though, come to think of it, why is HE taking so long to come out? He's NAKED in the show!

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OK. I'll elaborate

A number of you have wondered why I am being so covetous of information regarding my agent meeting this week, so I have decided to tell you the tale of what happened, WITH names. Google searches be damned!

As usual, I met this agent through The Network, which is a fantastic place to meet and get feedback from agents and casting folks (I do want to mention, though, that you have to do research and manage your expectations when going to these events - they are not free-for-all job fairs, and they are also not always high on the education list. You have to make sure your goals are in line with what is actually possible at these events, and only then will you find success. I will be blogging on this topic at my coaching blog- will post the link here when it is done. In the meantime, you can check out other posts about networking here.)

Anyway... the agent this particular evening was Christopher Silveri from Gilla Roos. He has recently taken over the adult legit department since the retirement of longtime agent, Marv Josephson. The seminar started with a Q&A, which was lively (this agent has great energy, which may have been because of the 4 Starbucks coffees he admitted to downing before arriving.) I asked Christopher which casting directors considered him to be a “go-to” agent for project, or who he had a great relationship with. He said that he gets along great with Jay Binder, Maria Higgins and the folks over at “Ugly Betty.” He mentioned that his first love is musical theater but he is vigorously pursuing TV work for his clients. He also said that he would only push film for a limited amount of actors, because many actors simply are not ready for film (yet think they are.) I found this to be very interesting, but I was also a little concerned. I am interested in musical theater and TV, but I am very interested in film so I need an agent who is going to be able to open doors in all of these areas. Christopher said that he is isn’t signing anyone right now- because he is building his own clientele and is not sure which direction he is heading in, he will be freelancing for a while and will see what happens.

I am number 13 on a list of 17 to perform that night, after the Q&A. I have prepared my usual monologue as well as several songs (he said he may ask for a 2nd piece to contrast our first piece.) Normally, the one-on-one time with a agent lasts 6-8 minutes at The Network- this evening he was taking between 10-15 minutes with each actor, which was awesome. As people came out I heard them mention that he was having them do 3-4 pieces, or he would give them adjustments and have them do the pieces several times again. The 2nd girl who came out said that he asked her to take her shoes off- saying that sometimes high heels make girls unbalanced and if they were flat foots they would be more centered and grounded. It was a bit of an odd request, but as a monologue coach I understand where he is coming from. After the 3rd girl came out, the agent came out as well and asked to address the group, which was rather unprecedented. He asked that all girl either come in with flat shoes, or with no shoes at all- that he would explain in the room, but that it will make for a better audition experience.

About an hour and 45 minutes after the Q&A it was my time to go into the room. I walk in and put my sheet music on the piano, but plan to do my monologue first. I introduce myself, and then offer to remove my boots (which had 3 inch heels.) He said, “Well, you can choose to remove them or not, I just think it usually helps the performance.” So, in a bold move, I said, “Well, I would love to leave them on and then get feedback from you to find out if I should have removed them. I think I can give a grounded performance, but if I can’t that would be amazing feedback to get.” He smiled and said, “Sure. ”

I did my monologue, and after I finished, he paused for a moment and smiled. “You don’t need any feedback, and you didn’t need to take off your shoes. Do you have a song for me?”

I sang the rock song, “Alone” by Heart. Again he smiled at the end, and said, “You sang that very well, but can I tell you something? Sometimes it will have nothing to do with you, but people will HATE that song. It will remind some people of their college roommate doing bad karaoke. And this will have nothing to do with you. Just thought you would want to know that. I would love to hear your contrasting song.”

So, I sang, “Somewhere That’s Green” to show a lighter, sweeter pop soprano sound. About halfway through I was getting bored with hearing myself! So I was very glad when I was done and I was able to take a seat. Christopher just looked at me and said, “You know what? I am not going to give you any feedback, because I want to be in contact with me. I think there is something we can do for you. You are a very good actor. You have a lovely voice. I would like to set something up with you, ok?”

Wow- that’s never happened before. I have had an agent tell me something close to that, (eg: “You are exactly the kind of person we like to work with- we’ll definitely keep you in mind for the future.”) but nothing as explicit that this. He looked over my resume again, and I mentioned that I was very interested in TV work. he said, “Yeah, I thought you might be. That’s good.” So, I told him I would call him to set something up the next day. And I did. And now I have an appointment to meet with him on October 29. As I walked out the door, having spent only 6-7 minutes with him, I joked that the other actors would be thrilled that I only took that short amount of time. He asked, “Oh, no! Am I taking too long?” I assured him, “No! Let me tell you something- the actors who have come out of here have felt like a million bucks. The other agents who come through here don’t take as much time with the actors, and we really, really appreciate it.” And, as I said, I walked out of there feeling like a million bucks.

Now, I have a few questions about their office before I would commit. I would want to make sure that he has a sense of what I can do in film, as well as TV and musical theater. I would want to make sure that if I go out of town on a theater gig, that he continues to have conversations about my work to the casting folks in NYC so that there isn’t a lull when I get back into town. I would want to see what his communication style is, and make sure that he can handle my “go-getter” nature. I am very business savvy, and sometimes that can alienate an agent whose ego is bigger than his brain (me being a go-getter means I make more money- duh!) So, we’ll have to meet to see if our two styles and visions match, but if they do, I could be freelancing with an option to sign by the end of the year.

In the meantime, I am meeting other agents, and am strengthening the relationships I have with casting folks. I continue to do good work, and I am practicing my audition and scene study skills almost daily. I am finally living the kind of life I always imagined as an actor. Landing an agent is one small piece of a larger puzzle, but it gets me into the next level of my career and I am looking forward to it happening very soon.

By the way, if any readers here have an agent, and want to make a referral for me, that would be awesome! The ones I have met recently, and who already like my work, are Joel Carlton, Michael Rodriguez, David Cash, Ben Sands, Jim Daly and Michael Boone Kelly. If you are signed with any of them and would like to make a recommendation, let me know! =)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Good news comes in twos

After the typical summer drought, the fall has been going amazingly well! After a great performance at a networking seminar, I have been called in to interview with a very good agency here in NYC (will protect the names of the innocent, since I want this blog to remain quasi-anonymous and don't want my blog to show up when that agent's name is Googled. You can, however, go to my acting website and see who it is...) I also have been given referrals for several mid-size agencies in New York (who I subsequently submitted to), so it is only a matter of time until I find new legit representation. I continue to be sent out by my freelance agent, Paradigm, for commercial work. This Monday I went in to audition for a Tide spot starring Tim Gunn. I did not end up booking the job, but my upward trajectory has been very exciting.

I have a possible project coming up that I am thrilled about. I recently became acquainted with an internet series writer/director who is in pre-production on a very exciting web series. We are in talks regarding a role that is being introduced in the mid part of the season. (I seem to be good at getting these- I have already been cast as a late season series regular for the web series, "Intersections.") I will be attending the table read for the first 2 episodes and will meet the production team, and if we make a good fit we will discuss the possibility of me coming on board. I love their writing style and the subject of the series, so I really hope we can make this happen.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fan request

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When you get an entry on IMDB, you may start to find that you receive fan emails from people who have looked at your page. It took 3 or 4 of these emails to realize that they were not sent in earnest - they always ask for a signed photograph to be sent to them, and they always talk about how my performance has made a huge impact on them. But, really, what are the chances that this guy from PA has seen my small role in “The Other Woman?” Not likely...

Here is the most recent one, which is much more effusive that the ones I normally get (it’s a little on the nutty side... and I didn’t change a THING)

Dear Miss [last name redacted]:

Hello, mam. How was your day (REALLY)? May I please introduce myself? I am Joe [last name redacted], a Retired US Army soldier ( 19734-1995 ) and veteran of " Operation Desert Storm" ( Iraq duty ). I was born in Trenton, NJ.Have I the HONOR of addressing the intellectual, exquisitely beautiful - and ( dramatically ) SEXY actress who so improved " The Other Woman" ( 2007 )? I noticed your email address in the credits on I do hope my writing is in no way an impertinence or imposition? One never knows these days. I would hope you are feeling ( unconditionally ) nurtured and respected for WHO you are in your chosen self-identity? You have the power of CHOICE - in all endeavors. Your self-empowerment should always be defended, enabled, and supported - never hindered, supressed, or repressed. A gentle, sensitive, and empathetic LISTENER can help you. Could you PLEASE find it in your noble heart to send me a PHOTO? I am humbled in the asking of it - but it would be so VERY appreciated. PLEASE write back. My address is:

[address redacted]

Sincerest THANKS ! You humble me and you are GREAT!

Most Respectfully,

Joe [last name redacted]
SSG(Ret.),US Army

PS: Please stay tough, assertive, and DOMINANT in being - and expressing WHO you are.

Sounds a bit like one of those Nigerian scam letters, huh?

UPDATE: I have had a bunch of other experiences that I recommend being wary of- click here to check out my posts about them.

Erin Cronican's career as a professional actor and career coach has spanned the last 25 years in New York City, Los Angeles and San Diego. She has appeared in major feature films and on television, and has toured nationally with plays and musicals. She has worked in the advertising & marketing departments of major corporations, film production companies, theater magazines, and non-profit acting organizations. For more information, please visit

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cowboys in the city

I am waiting outside a Midtown Manhattan theater to see the Off-Broadway show, "Rock of Ages." I heard the sound of someone walking in tap shoes, so I turned to see who it was. It is not unusual to hear tap shoes while in the theater Mecca of the USA. What is unusual is that the taps were fastened to grungy white cowboys boots worn by a 80+year old Marlboro man.

Wish I could have scored a photo. Or a recording.

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Festivus for the Restuvus

I admit, I am a boredom blogger. When I am bored, I blog and blog and blog like there’s no tomorrow. But when things are great, I am out doing other... well, great things.

One of those great things was appearing in the most beautiful reading of the play, Avow“ (which I’ve mentioned in a previous post.) I got involved with this play when a dear friend contacted me and asked if I could recommend an actor for a reading being done of the play. I recommended a very talented actor I knew, who they ended up loving and casting in the role. Several weeks later, they lost their lead female actor, so they asked me if I was interested in reading for the role. I read the play, and could not believe how perfect the role was for me. So when I was officially asked to take on the role, I was ecstatic.

This past Monday and Tuesday we did the reading and as the director/producer promised, the audiences were captivated. As promised, with only 4 rehearsals we gave such a polished performance that the scripts almost disappeared (because, though we were holding our scripts, we had our eyes off the page enough that we were able to REALLY connect with our scene partners. It felt so good to develop such a strong character- and I was reawakened to what is possible in the theater. The hope is that we can find a way to built a production company around the show and tour the country, but that will take lots and lots of money. Do you have lots and lots of money for our show? =)

I also got some good news about a film I shot earlier this year. ”Tom and Jeraldine“ was made an official selection of the Big Apple Film Festival, which is running in mid November in, you guessed it, New York City. This is the first time a film that I have starred in is being screened at a festival, and I am thrilled! I am also excited because the screening makes the film eligible to be placed on IMDB. I’ll be sure to update you when that happens.

Hopefully faster than these last updates...

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