Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Two's Company

Today was a good day for submissions- I got called in to audition for two projects. One is for a regional production of “South Pacific” and the other is for an NYU student film called “The Cookbook.” Here are the breakdowns- I love how specific they are! They are also pretty perfect for me, capturing two different corners of my personality...

Nellie Forbush, South Pacific: Naive, ebullient young nurse from Little Rock, Arkansas. She is open, enthusiastic, and optimistic.

Gabby, The Cookbook: Gabby is in her mid twenties. She is successful, organized, together, slightly restrained. She has tightened up even more since her mother passed six months ago. She has accepted her mothers death and no longer mourns her. However, Gabby's memories of her mother are mixed, both warm and frustrating, and she has kept them locked away for fear of having to come to some conclusion on their relationship. When Gabby finds her mother's old cookbook, the memories come flooding back.

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