Sunday, September 14, 2008

Readings and auditions

Things have been slow recently with auditions- mostly because the end of summer is always a slow time but also because many of the current auditions are for Christmas shows. But I have had a few auditions that have been good. First, I went to an EPA last week for “Wicked” which was fun. I had never seen this particular casting associate before, so it was nice to expose my talent and skills to a new set of eyes and ears. Next week is the Chorus Call for “Wicked” and I anticipate that the main casting director, and possibly the music director, will be there. Both of these auditions are for the 2nd National Tour, and I am coveting an ensemble role that covers Elphaba. Of course, I would also take the direct route of Elphaba, but the grim reality is that you have to work your way up in this business, and I am more than willing to start at the bottom (if you can call a Broadway Tour the “bottom.”)

The other audition was for a play called “Avow.” There is a showcase production of this show going up in Feb & Mar. Coincidentally, I am doing a reading for this show with a completely different company at the end of this month. Both productions are given a blessing by the playwright, Bill C. Davis, (author of Mass Appeal). I play the role of Irene, which is just about the most perfect role for me. It is enough like me that I feel comfortable going deep, but is different enough for her to be a challenge. Anyway, it was quite a trip to audition for a role that I have already won for another production. I had a great audition and got a lot out of meeting the production team (including the playwright!) - it’s one of those golden moment in the business when I realized my job is really fun!

I have not had many on-camera auditions recently, which makes me a little sad. I adore doing film and TV, but without an agent (and being union) these auditions can be hard to find. This is a good time of year to find an agent, though, and I have a great campaign getting ready to be sent. It’s my plan to have an agent by Christmas so if you, dear reader, have any connections - please contact me right away! =)

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