Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yay, Me!

This week this my 3rd anniversary of living in New York- Yeehaw! I am not sure how to calculate the actual anniversary. I came into town on the red eye- I left San Diego at 9:30pm August 4, 2005, and arrived in New York at 6am on August 5, 2005. So, I’ll probably just celebrate the whole week like many people do for their birthdays!

But there are two other things to celebrate. One- Aug 5 is my dear friend Courtney’s birthday. Two- she had a birthday party on August 5, 2005, where I met my boyfriend, Tom. So, August 5 is Tom’s and my anniversary - 3 years of dating! Tom likes to joke that he couldn’t DARE give me a chance to meet anyone else, which is partially true. I mean, he had also just moved to New York (from California... creepy coincidence!) and we were both unemployed. So, we got to explore the city together while everyone else was at work. Or, to be more accurate, we got to sleep in and sit on the couch watching TV while people were at work, and then got to go out and eat, drink and be merry until 4am!

Incidentally, I thought that all of the walking in New York would help keep me thin, but I didn’t count on the increased alcohol (due solely to the fact that I no longer utter “I can’t, I have to drive...”)

I really do feel like I am a New Yorker now, though I wouldn’t dare say that to a real New Yorker. Depending on who you ask, you either need to be in New York 5, 7 or 10 years before you get to call yourself that.

So, in honor of my move to New York from southern California, I will take some time to examine the city and notice the differences between my home with my hometown. Stay tuned... and in the meantime, take a look through through the archives to see other posts about the vast differences between the Left and the Right Coasts!


  1. Another indication of when you've become a real New Yorker (according to a friend of mine) is when you look up at the street sign, see 'Broadway', and *don't* begin to sing George Benson's 'On Broadway'

    They say the neon
    lights are bright
    On Broadway
    They say there's always magic
    In the air
    But when you're walkin'
    down the street
    And you ain't had enough to eat
    The glitter rubs right off
    And you're nowhere
    They say the women treat you fine
    On Broadway

  2. Crap. Now that song is going to be stuck in my head all night.

  3. Here's a great NYC walking site:


  4. Wow- that is awesome! Thanks for the heads up... will check it out.


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