Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wow- 2 hits in a week!

After what seems like a huge professional drought from the summer (due, in part, to a couple of vacations), I have had an incredibly successful week. Thank Dog (sic).

First off, remember the web series I told you about a few weeks ago? As I mentioned, the producers invited me to meet with them to discuss the project and the role. The role I originally auditioned for was a supporting character in the first 4 episodes of the series. The producer said I was in serious consideration for the role, but in the end they wanted me to be in a role that has more longevity (!) The caveat is that the role is only talked about for the first 8-9 episodes, and then is physically introduced at the end of the first season. The coolest thing about this is that my character is talked about from day one and is the long lost love of one of the lead males. My character speaks on camera at the end of the last episode, and then in Season 2, I become a series regular.

How rad is that????

The 2nd hit this week was a CMAIL I got in my inbox from Actors Access (those of you who are actors in major markets know how fun it is to get a CMAIL!) The CMAIL was from the producer of a developmental reading I had submitted for. He told me that he knew from looking at my photos and experience that I was exactly what he was looking for, and was offering me the role without having to audition (!). I read through the play, and he was right. The role is perfect for me, she’s a little bit smart mouthed, a little neurotic and very vulnerable. It’s a short contract, just a few days of rehearsal and one night of a reading in September. I can’t wait!

It’s really awesome to have good news, after so many auditions and submissions that don’t go my way. I have 3 more EPAs that I am going to this week- and I’ll bet they go well, considering that I am walking on air of confidence!


  1. woo hoo! thats awesome! lol i got a kick out of the cmail reference! you go girl!

  2. Thanks, Jennifer!

    Do you have a blog on here? I tried viewing your profile by clicking your name, but your profile is private. Post your blog link if you have one!

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Dennis!

  4. Hi Erin,

    Sounds great! Sorry it took so long to finally link to you. I was busy trying to figure blogger out but now I think I've done. Can't wait to hear more about the series!

  5. Wow- thanks for the link. And, likewise- can't wait to hear how rehearsals are going! (as if you'll have time to write...)


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