Friday, August 29, 2008

Those darned telemarketers...

I just got a call, and this is how the conversation transpired:

Me: “Hello, this is Erin.”

Them: “Erin? Erin Co--roin-ee- kat” (typical- no one can ever pronounce my last name.)

Me: “Oh, yeah. That’s me.”

Them: “Finally! Thank God! It’s been like pulling teeth to get a hold of you.”

Me: “Um, what?”

Them: “I am calling from the Police Officer’s Fund...”

Me: “I’m really sorry, but could you please take me off your list?” (I was a little perturbed by the way they had started the call, so why listen to their spiel?)

Them: “How... DARE you?!?”

(Silence, and I hear sounds of typing for about 10 seconds before they hang up.)

Yeah, so, note to telemarketers: The above is NOT the best way to approach someone if you want to get money from them.


  1. So...what do you think they were typing?

    (probably an IM...)


  2. Yeah, or they were playing Scrabulous.

  3. I try to be so polite... but when they won't take "no" for an answer, it just ticks me off.

    My mother use to have 2 tricks for telemarketers that I loved.

    Trick one:
    Telemarketer:"Hello, is Laura Alt-o-mire there?"
    Laura: "One moment... I believe she's in the west wing, will you hold please while I find her?"

    Then she would put the phone down and go off on her business. checking in every so often... "I'm still looking for her."

    Trick 2:
    TM: "Hello, is Laura Alt-o-mire there?"
    L: "This is her... May I ask why you're calling?"
    TM: "Well... we're calling about a great offer for carpet cleaning."
    L: "What a coincidence! That's what my husband does for a living!"

    The one I always wanted to try, but just don't have the cojones...

    TM: "Hello, is Brent Alt-o-mire there?"
    B: [silence] "I... I'm sorry... Brent passed away last night. Were you a friend?"


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