Sunday, August 31, 2008

Growing up thoughtful

My mother always taught me to think for myself and make decisions based on a mix of my gut feelings and the facts at hand. She warned against judging others and falling prey to stereotypes and prejudices. This is the reason she and I can have detailed discussions about contentious topics, even when our opinions fall on the other side of the issue from one another.

Which is why it is so delicious that, sometimes, her being so willing to consider other viewpoints brings her to my side of the table. A lifelong Republican, my mother was poised to vote for Hillary Clinton this fall. She is not a fan of Obama’s, so she has reluctantly decided to vote for McCain. But this is what she recently wrote about McCain’s VP choice:

Subject: Republican VP Pick

We didn't get a chance to talk about the pick......I am pretty sure John McCain just handed the White House to Obama. I am hoping that in the next few weeks I will begin to understand the McCain choice better and will be able to make some sense of it. I would have loved to see in my lifetime a woman in the oval office but I didn't just decide to support Hillary because she is a woman. I supported her because I felt she was truly the best choice, would be moderate but with a strong foreign policy and of course to fulfill my dream of a female president. McCain's choice has deeply disappointed me. He could certainly have chosen a more qualified woman if he felt a woman was necessary to help him win. I don't think I have ever been so disappointed in a presidential election. I guess I will just pout and sulk!!!!

Love, Mom

Man, I love her!


  1. My only hope is that every other republican woman in the country feels the same way about McCain's pick.

  2. As someone who also prides himself on being able to see issues from several sides, his choice just seems cynical and politically motivated.

    Plus it confirms that all his bluster about Obama not being experienced enough is strictly political BS.

    I wasn't going to vote for McCain, but at least I had a modicum of respect for the senator... Now I see he's just another politician.


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