Friday, August 22, 2008

"We Don't Want Actors for Acting Roles"

“Looking for REAL doctors, not ACTORS playing doctors! Please state your specialty and any other pettinent information in the notes page (ie: articles, CV)”

Um, what? Have actors become so bad that it is no longer acceptable to a producer to have an actor imagine what it is like to be a doctor? Or is it that the producer is too cheap to hire a medical consultant to make sure that words and actions are consistent with what is done in the industry?

I’ve been seeing this more and more and it just ticks me off. Next we’ll be seeing something like:

“Wanted: REAL people who imagine themselves in fictional situations, not ACTORS playing imaginative people!”


  1. LOL! Soooooooooo true! I have noticed this too. And it's like what's up this isn't called or! Do medical peeps even go to acting sites I ask ya?! Do they have time to act in dumb industrials and indies? Enquiring minds wanna know...

  2. I know- isn't it crazy? Sheesh...

  3. Maybe it's a gorilla advertising gambit where their going to introduce the doctor to some new product and want the doctor's attention.

  4. it the actors in roles is very nice

    aegan stills, songs

  5. Thank you, Reality Television, who rewards people for being their worst selves and saves the producers union fees and benefits.



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