Monday, July 14, 2008

I nailed the banana

Today I shot another episode of “One Life to Live” which completes my 3 episode arc in the Mendorra Palace. I imagine that they will bring me back to play other roles sometime in the future, but I am sure it will be a while before that happens. Soap operas are known from having the same actor play lots of different kinds of parts. I would love to get a shot at being a contract player, or at least a recurring day player. It would be a lot of fun to be on this set several days a week. It would be good for the bank account, too.

The most fun part of the day was working with the stunt coordinator, who choreographed a scene where one of the contract players subdues me and steals my clothes so she can walk around unnoticed in the palace. Of course, you don’t see any of the juicy stuff- only that she binds my hands behind my back. I also loved hanging out with the actors who played Cristian and Sarah. I got lots of insights into what it is like to be a contract player on a soap opera. It makes me want to look into doing them a little more seriously now that I am aware of the joys and pitfalls.

Oh, and with regard to the title of this blog, they call it a “banana” when an actor walks in an arc instead of in a straight line, which is usually for the benefit of a camera that is hidden behind a corner or wall. Walking in an arc also allows multiple cameras to pick you up as you move, which gives the director freedom in the control booth to use whichever camera they see fit. I cleared the set, doing a banana on the exit, and one of the actors gave me a thumbs up and said, “You f&*^ing NAILED that banana!”

God, I love this business.

PS: I just saw this job notice on one of my casting websites. I’m not kidding:

Looking for enthusiastic models + Actors who HAVE THEIR OWN CHICKEN SUIT for stock photography shoot on the streets in Manhattan or in Brooklyn. All models must sign model release form and have SS# or Tax ID# to complete tax forms. Approximately 4-hour session for $200 compensation paid directly following shoot plus cd with hi res images supplied within a month of the shoot.


  1. Glad you're having so much fun on the soap.

    That ad is . . .unusual.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this! Plus I learned a lot first about ye olde banana manuever! And second the importance of having a chicken suit handy for casting calls!

  3. I'm going to try to work that phrase into everyday conversation.

    "How was your day today?"
    "Only so-so. I thought I nailed the banana, but turns out I was wrong."

  4. Or,

    "My head hurts just like the banana I nailed."

    Could work. Wanna run a contest?

  5. Other possible titles of this post:

    Why'd the banana cross the road?
    Tastes like banana.
    Orange you glad I didn't say chicken.

    Other possible "bad" titles of this post: is another opening for this comment.

    I nail the banana all the time, but it's because my left foot is smaller and I don't think that counts. ;~)


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