Thursday, June 26, 2008

Slacking off

Ok, so I have a confession to make. I have been slightly slacking off on auditioning recently. The main reason is that I have had a few weeks scheduled out of town, which makes auditioning very difficult (the auditions are either scheduled for when I am out of town, or they are for shows that rehearse or open when I am out of town.) The other, smaller, reason is that when I get ready to go to an audition I always find something else I would rather be doing.

Now, oftentimes this “something else” is very good for my career. The other night I was up until well after 2am trying to find a monologue to complete my repertoire. But being up that late precluded me from being able to get up early the next day to go to an audition. And last night I was planning to go to an audition in the evening- and instead I completed a set of 60 promotional postcards to announce to agents and casting directors that I have an episode of “One Life to Live” airing next week.

By the way, I am on “One Life to Live” next week. It is a very small role, 2 lines (which could end up being cut in editing)- check it out on ABC on July 3 (check local listings for time- it is at 2pm in NYC.)

Getting back to the “slacking” thing... So, it’s not as though I am laying back eating bon bons all day long instead of doing my job, which is to audition. But there are so many elements to the business that are screaming for attention that auditioning can sometimes seem like a low priority. Particularly when it is a “cattle call“ audition when you are just one of the many, many actors filing through the audition studio that day. As was the case with both aforementioned auditions.

I do make sure that whatever else I am doing is something related to my career so that I am always in forward motion. Now, if someone can just help me put watching ”Family Guy“ into this category, my life will be complete.


  1. Oh man, is slacking off EVER relative! You are, of course, one of the most non-lazy people I know. I guess it all comes down to opportunity costs too, but have you heard of the Law of Least Effort? Yeah, I'm banking on that. ;). Anyway, don't beat yourself up for missing an audition here or there, your ball is rolling... and fast, boo. xoxoxo


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