Saturday, June 7, 2008

Shooting a Soap Opera

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By the way, I am back from vacation, so the posts should be coming more often, at least until July when I head out for another week. Tis the season...

I have to find a way to talk about my adventures on the set of “One Life to Live” without giving away any spoilers- I imagine that the producers would not appreciate my giving anything away. Even if no one really reads this blog, it is amazing what people will search for online, and my blogs get added to the search engines within 24 hours of writing them. Simply writing about the offer of stand-in work for Naomi Watts triggers “Google Alerts” for anyone who loves Naomi so it would be no surprise if this blog triggers the OLTL alert.

So, instead of a long running narrative, maybe I will just give you highlights (don’t worry, I’ll attempt to make them just as amusing to read as my narrative.)

• When going into the studio, I got a little lost and begged a crew member to help me find the set. Turned out that the person I begged was actually a leading contract player on the show- she was without makeup and in sweats. Oops.

• I wondered how seriously the actors would take the dialogue, since this scene included a lot of “bad guy” talk. I got my answer- 4 takes were ruined because of giggle fits by the two leading men. Awesome.

• Um, yeah, so I had to make up a fake accent for the role. I was good. Very good.

• One of the guys on the show was so good looking I stuttered when he introduced himself. I’ve always prided (prode?) myself on being “better” than that. No. I stuttered.

• I almost didn’t get to do my scene. The scene right before my completed and one of the lead actors said goodbye and left, not realizing he had one more scene left. Luckily one of the other leads spoke up, and I got to do my two lines!

I shoot another episode tomorrow. More fun will be had by all!


UPDATE: Now that the episode has aired, here are photos. First, me behind the scenes:

And now, a screen shot from the episode:

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  1. When does it air so we can Tivo????

  2. What fun! have a great day tomorrow.

  3. Yes yes! Need TiVO schedule!


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