Monday, April 14, 2008

It's fun to be an actor: Part One

I had a very fun week last week. Not only did I get to “meet and greet“ with 3 legit agents, but I also had a fantastic callback and got to step foot on a Broadway stage! Too cool, way too cool. One thing at a time, though.

The callback was for the independent project I talked about last time. When I walked into the hallway outside the audition, I said hello to a very nice girl who was lying flat on her back doing breathing exercises. Without getting up or changing her breathing rhythm:

She: Hi. Can I ask what role are you reading for?
Me: Meg.
She: (stops the breathing pattern abruptly) What?
Me: (not surprised) Yeah, I know.
She: (sits up, abruptly) You’re not reading for Jenna? I mean, you’re tall and blonde, and I just figured you’d be reading for the other role.
Me: Yeah, I noticed that everyone they’ve called in have been brunette. But, no, I am...indeed... called in for Meg.
She: Oh, well then I guess it wouldn’t make sense for you to read the scene with me. Since, you’re called back for... Meg.

It was this kind of exchange that made me perfect for this role to begin with. I possess a little bit of snark crucial to the brunette persona. Gotta thank good genes.

I was paired up with several different actors and felt amazing about what I brought to the table. When I was walking out of the room, the producer stopped me and said, ”We were just wondering... Would you be willing to dye your hair brunette?“ I laughed, dropped my head and pointed at my hairline and told them, ”Well, I am a natural brunette, so I am sure I would look ok!. Just pay for me to go back to blonde, and we’re in business!“ I am glad to know that at least my instincts are dead on.

A few days have passed and I have not been called so I may not have gotten cast. But it is wonderful to know that they saw past a ”type“ or ”look“ to see through to my spirit. It is even more wonderful to know that I have become the kind of actor that can let my true self show, against all odds. THAT is one of the really fun things about being an actor.


  1. ”We were just wondering... Would you be willing to dye your hair brunette?"

    That's one of the funniest things I've heard in a long time!

  2. Seriously!

    Even though it is my natural color I feel more at home in the blonde. It took me being wigged as a blonde 4 times in shows for me to finally request the blonde dye job instead of wigging- and it took about a year to refine the color so that it really matched my skin tone and personality. I actually am wary of dying it at all, but it is also cool to know that by doing so I open up the kinds of roles I can be considered for.

  3. "Just pay for me to go back to blonde, and we’re in business!"

    Girrrrrl, you so savvy.


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