Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Collegiate Evening

Tonight I had two auditions for student films. The first one was at Columbia University, and it was one of the more interesting scripts i have read in a long time. The character I was auditioning for:

late 20s - A lesbian with a softer, maternal side. She is attractive, takes good care of herself (yoga, vegetarian), but is wound a bit too tightly. The scene requires her to be desperate while maintaining a likability. Comic sensibilities are a bonus.

I got to read with another actor, which is rare in auditions like these. Most of the time we read opposite a reader who sits behind a table and doesn’t really “act.” We did the 3 page scene twice. In between the two reads, the director gave feedback to the other actor- her first read was fantastic, but her character was really driving the scene, so a little tweak gave the scene a completely different direction to go. This made it especially fun for me because I could be fully in the moment, responding to what the other actor was giving to me. I have no idea if my take on the role matches what they were going for, but it was a great exercise in being present.

The second audition was for an NYU film- another interesting script. I didn’t think I was perfect for either of the female roles, but I submit for everything I am remotely right for and let the casting director make the decision. Here are the character descriptions:

Role 1- (25-35) is the protagonist of the film. She is the strong opinionated, outspoken alpha female. She is beautiful and aware of her beauty.

Role 2- (25-35) is the kind of girl destined to be a sidekick. She's a bit too meek, a bit too awkward but, of course, incredibly likable and warm.

I ended up reading for role #2, was ended up being the comedic role so I was pleased. There were 4 students in the audition room, and 2 of them mentioned that they almost went to Pepperdine (and one of them spent two summers in San Diego, so we had an extra bond!) The director had me read the scene twice and gave a re-direct (opposite a reader, of course.) When I was done he said, “We’ll tell you whether or not you got it next week. And, um, if you didn’t get it, would it be ok if I gave your info to other people?” I am guessing that means that I won’t be getting this role (which is perfectly ok)- and I love that he came right out and asked!

All in all a successful evening. And I have two more auditions on Friday to keep me busy. Oh, and I was called in for background work with Guiding Light again- hopefully I can leverage this into a speaking role in the near future!


  1. When I cast projects, I always hire an actor to read opposite the auditionees. It makes such a huge difference.

    You know what? You may not get the role, but if the writer was in the room for the audition, you may get a part written for you in something. I did that a few times in student films -- I liked the actor so much that, although he or she wasn't right for that role, I wrote another short film for the person.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. That might very well be what happens here. I could tell right away that they all liked me the minute I walked in. It was so out of the ordinary that I thought that maybe I was never right for this project, but they called me in anyway so the rest of the students could see me. They didn't seem terribly interested in the read, but they were very interested in my resume and asking me questions about my past. They also wanted to know specifics about my training.

    I have had stuff written for me in the past (not for film, but for theater) and it is one of the most wonderful gifts for an actor!

  3. This has nothing to do with this post except for the Pepperdine part...

    The other day I was walking out of the mall wearing a Pepperdine Alum shirt and camo shorts. Walking into the mall was a 6' guy with a goatee wearing a Pepperdine Alum shirt and camo shorts.

    I felt like I was in a sort of boring Twilight Zone episode.


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