Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Back on track

In my hustle to create a thriving acting and coaching career, I have been neglecting the lifestyle part of my life, even though I live in the incredible city of New York! So to get back into the swing of things, it is time I put together my latest Happiness List, this time with a New York theme.

Happiness Is: (New York Style)

- Being forced (by unavoidable close proximity) to relate to people of vastly different social, racial, economic, and educational backgrounds. How incredible is this melting pot where each person influences another but no one loses their sense of history and purpose?

- Not having to worry about car loans, insurance, gasoline, or maintenance (smog tests, oil changes, brake replacements, etc etc etc.)

- Really getting to know your neighbors, especially when most of them are really, really cool.

- Walking down the street and smelling candied nuts being cooked by street vendors.

- Getting great exercise just walking up and down the stairs of my walk-up apartment.

- Having time to read when I am on the subway. Or do Sudoku puzzles.

- Knowing that no matter how long I live here there will always be something new to discover.

- Seasons!

- That someone would think to start a site like this.

- Architecture with history.

- Showing tourists and natives, by example, that New Yorkers are helpful and kind people. Imagine if a smile you give today encourages someone to say, “Wow- people can be so giving!”

- Knowing that friends from out of town are always dying to visit, and enjoy staying with me!

- The fact that I am stopping this blog because it has gotten too long, not because I have run out of things to say!


  1. Seasons? We have seasons!
    "Kinda Cold"
    "Getting Warmer With a Little Rain"
    "Nice and Warm"
    and "Getting Cooler With The Occasional Santa Anna"


  2. Today it is 55 degrees and people are just loving it because it is such a contrast to the winter. It is also 55 degrees in San Diego today, and most people there are probably freezing! Personally, I have come to love the seasons because I value the warm weather so much more now!


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