Sunday, April 6, 2008

Audition Log: Makin' it Happen

I had two great auditions yesterday. The first was for a short film- it is an independent project that is being done for a director’s reel (though they said they want to submit to festivals as well.) Here is the breakdown of the character I auditioned for:

Female, mid to late 20's. A feisty woman who feels confident that she's accepted her life as 'the hot girl's friend,' but with a little prodding shows the contrary. Very smart and sarcastic, making her an instant 'best bud' to guys she pursues romantically. She's very open about herself as a way to head off any criticism of her. She doesn't trust people with her feelings very easily, especially men.

I completely identify with this character! Up until my late 20s I was always the buddy or the gal pal, and it was hard for me to get noticed by the guy I had my eye on. Invariably, the guy would fall for my best friend and then cry on my shoulder when she wouldn’t give him the time of day. I know what this person feels like, what they think and how they react to others, so I knew I had to submit for it. And, I was called in! When I got to the audition there were already 3 other actors waiting, and they all looked just like each other, but none of them looked like me. They were all awkward and brunette- cute, but not bombshells. And definitely not blonde. For those of you who don’t know, I am a natural brunette (dark brunette) and dyed my hair for a role in 2004 and decided to stay blonde. And being blonde puts me into another type category- nowadays I am cast as the girl that guys drool over, not the sidekick who is a wallflower. But I don’t really identify with the popular girl nearly as much, and my acting style reflects that. So, for a split second I felt unsure about the audition, but then I cleared my head and realized I had a job to do. I just had to go into that audition room and show them someone who has lived with that circumstance all her life. My spirit and perspective easily shine through what I look like, and I knew I could knock it out of the park. And I must have, because I got a callback, which is happening this coming Monday!

The second audition I went to was for an original play at the Off-Broadway theater, Primary Stages. It was a EPA open to all Equity members- meaning I was not called in but just showed up hoping to get an audition slot. I did a monologue that I have been doing for years, but I got a chance to deliver it in a brand new way, inspired by the work I did at a previous audition. I didn’t choose the same context as with the previous audition, but chose something equally as stakes-raising. It was fun to tell the story in a much different way than was on the page- it added a depth and a complexity that I hadn’t found before. And I felt exhilarated delivering it, and think that I am well on my way to having a fantastic piece. After I left the room and was gathering my stuff, the audition monitor came to find me and asked me for a 2nd headshot. Somehow, the artistic director couldn’t find my original headshot in her stack (which was strange since I saw it in there- maybe it got stuck to the one before?) and she asked the monitor to find me so that she could be sure to have a headshot. That made me feel awesome! I can only assume this means that she liked the audition enough to keep my information on file for future auditions. I left the audition with a huge smile on my face.

Oh, and here is the character description of the role I was auditioning for:

Female. 25 – 28. Chameleon with an edge. A daughter with a need for a parent. Could be a social worker, a prison warden, a nurse, a lawyer or their loving daughter. Smart, patient, complex, she is a driving force and a catalyst in a whirlpool of confusion and the unknown.

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  1. Primary Stages does a lot of good stuff. Good for you!


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