Thursday, March 6, 2008

Would've been nice

I got an email today from an Columbia MFA grad student who asked me to come in next week for a reading of a film she is shooting soon. I have never met her, so it seemed odd but exciting that I would be hand picked from their audition database to be a part of her film. But it turns out that "reading" meant audition, so I was not being offered a part after all. Drats.

I got the original notion of being offered the role because a few weeks ago I was called out of the blue by a different MFA student to do a scene study from the film "The Hours." The scene was rehearsed for 2 hours outside of their directing class, and then performed off book in front of the class. The director chose the scene between Kitty and Laura (played by Toni Collette and Julianne Moore in the movie. I played Kitty.) For those of you who know the movie- yes, we did have to kiss in the scene. And seeing as how that moment was a huge dramatic climax, we actually had to do it again and again in front of the class while the director and the teacher tried different timing and actions to show how they affect the drama of the scene. If I has a nickel for every time I heard, "Can you ladies do the kiss again?"...


  1. Wait... let me picture that for a moment...

  2. No, really, can you ladies do the kiss again?


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