Monday, March 3, 2008

Too many to mention

I have broken my commitment to blog after every acting opportunity, be it auditioning or performing. I have actually been so busy that I needed some time away from blogging, which is a good thing for many reasons.

Recently I had had the opportunity to audition for several wonderful agents, through The Network. These 3 awesome gents all loved the monologue I prepared, and each asked me to send them a copy of my vocal demos so they can hear me sing. I happen to know that they have been to several networking seminars recently, so though they loved me I anticipate that I won’t be called for 3-4 months while they get through the dozens of people they met before me. If you’re not careful, you can become disheartened at how long it can take for your marketing efforts to pay off. But like any business, just because you don’t get immediate sales doesn’t mean you aren’t creating lifelong fans who become loyal customers. I just have to be patient, yet persistent. I know I have everything they want in a client- now it is just a matter of finding a slot that is open and waiting for someone exactly like me!

Tomorrow I shoot my 4th NYU studio TV project. It is a fun group to work with- each script is 3-4 pages / 3-4 minutes long and is shot in a studio with a 3 camera set up. This format is more like theater than any other on-camera work because it is a typical proscenium set up, and when you are filming live (to tape) you cannot stop in the middle of a take. This is where my years of theater really come in handy! I have gotten to know many NYU students through this project, who hopefully will think of me as they head into their thesis projects in the next 2 years. This is one of the top film programs in the country, so it is a real benefit to get to meet and work with these young budding filmmakers while they are learning the craft.

Other than that, I have also been auditioning for casting directors, film students, theaters and agents (see my full list of auditions and projects here.) And when I am not doing that I am busy doing my business coaching work with actors- so my artistic soul is certainly being taken care of!


  1. it all sounds great. You're on the right track.

  2. Are the NYU projects getting posted online anywhere? I know a lot of the student work out here in the left coast ends up on a publicly accessible school site.

  3. I post the good ones on my website- you can see demos here.

  4. You need an RSS feed for your demos! I hadn't looked there for quite awhile.


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