Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mission Possible, and Probable

I am on a mission to find a kick-ass agent.

Commercial agents and casting directors say that I am in a perfect, marketable type category for commercial work. That they are always looking for new faces. That I have the technique, the timing, and the enthusiasm to make a big splash in this part of the industry. I am so close that I can smell it from here.

I had a great meeting with Doug Kesten yesterday, who is a commercial agent with Paradigm. He liked my first read, but asked me to do it and 2nd time in a different way. It is always good when you can deliver a strong read using adjustments they give you- it usually makes the agent confident that you can go into the audition room and represent the agency well. I think I executed the adjustments very well, and we had a really lovely chat afterward.

Interestingly, Paradigm doesn’t really sign people without having a trial period of freelancing. Even more interesting, they don’t really notify you if they are going to freelance with you. They simply give you a call and say, “I’d like to submit you for this project. Show up at such-and-so time wearing such-and-so outfit...”

So, I am on a mission. Must get an agent, so I can have access to the auditions which will make us both a lot of money. It will come...

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