Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Learning Something New

I had a great audition on Saturday for this student film at Columbia University. It was a first call, so we didn’t even read from the script. We had a mini-interview, and then I performed a dramatic monologue in the style of the piece I was auditioning for. The director and producer really seemed to like the monologue, but wanted to play with it a bit and asked me to deliver it in a way that I had never done before (as directors often do). I was excited to do it- I love being given a redirect and then seeing how far I can go with it. And this was no exception. Now, I should say that the text of the monologue did not fit in at all with the direction she gave to me. But because of this, the stakes were really high which made my read all the more dramatic- while at the same time my character was less dramatic because she couldn’t let the real feelings come to the surface. It was such a strong choice that I am going to start working on it in this new context (but will change a few words in the piece so the new focus doesn't confuse the listener.) It is always wonderful when you can learn something from an audition.

Tonight I met Katja Blichfeld from NBC/Universal (who casts 30 Rock) and I had a really strong read with the cold sides. She loved my take on the role- that the role she had me read would never actually be a part I would be cast in (she said I was too cute) but that she loved the fact that I made the dialogue my own. This was a huge compliment. I told her about the 3 times I was on the set of 30 Rock and that one of the directors told me twice that he wanted to be sure to call me in. Katja said she could see why- she said I had a great comedic timing and that I was extremely camera friendly. She thought I would fit into that environment quite nicely, and she said she was really excited to get to meet me.

Oi! Now if only I could get an agent to be a fly in the wall in a meeting like this so they can see how much these guys like me!

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