Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Tao of Denver

It is always interesting when you are humbled by your pet.

Today is was pouring outside. I mean: POUR-ing! And I had to take my dog, Denver, out for a walk. Boy, was she unhappy. When we got outside, all she did was stand there, in apparent disbelief that she was getting wet. Anytime she moved left or right she encountered a puddle that displeased her further. What normally takes 5-10 minutes now took 15-20, as all of her familiar smells had been washed away and she now had to decide upon a new location to do her business.

By the time we got back to our building, she was soaked to the bone. I let her inside the lobby area, which is where the aforementioned humbling took place. As soon as she was inside, she did the obligatory, "I am going to shake all of this water on to you, Mommy" that dogs are known to do. But then she got this look on her face and her tail started wagging furiously, and she bound up the stairs two at a time. And for the next 5 minutes she did the routine I have come to love over the past 12 years- the, "I am so happy that I am no longer being rained on" routine.

The Tao of Denver- how many times, as humans, do we encounter something less than wonderful, like getting soaked, and once the problem is solved we end up in an ecstatic mood? How often do we say, "I am so excited that I am in a dry place now! Yippee!" Not very often. We complain about the rain, seek agreement from others about how horrible the rain is, and blame the rain on the next 30 minutes of bad mood. Boo, I say!

I want to live life in the moment, like my dog Denver- sure, it stinks to get rained on but I want to appreciate the times when I am dry. And maybe I will be rewarded with a chicken banana treat afterward too.


  1. Chicken banana! That can't be right. Have I fed a fellow traveler on this earth chicken banana treats?


  2. How about pineapple chicken baked in banana leaves?


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