Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Rock the Vote: Hillary Clinton

It’s primary day, and no blog would be complete with out personal political views being expressed. But first...

I am declaring a breakdown in the voting system in New York City.

I am registered to vote in Manhattan (voted in the 2006 congressional election at the polling site a block away.) As of today. I have yet to receive any piece of mail or email or a phone call regarding polling instruction for the primary. I don’t have a location, I have no idea what will be on the ballot (besides the presidential candidates, of course), and I don’t know what the times are. And other than polling times, I cannot find any of this information online, and I am a very good researcher.

I called the NYC Board of Elections yesterday, and when I told them that I had yet to receive any materials and wanted to get my polling place, the gentleman on the phone said:

“Yeah, we have not yet sent out the information about the presidential primary.”

This seems so absurd to me that I am not even sure I heard him correctly. But I didn’t have the time to question him, because he immediately got me my polling location and hung up the phone. I was luckier than Tom, who was hung up on 5 times (3 by people, and 2 by the phone system) and never got his information.

In 2006 I posted a blog about my annoyance with the voting system in NY as compared to my home state of CA. And it seems only worse now. How are people supposed to vote if there are so many problems? If I were not as passionate about voting, I might just say, “Screw it,” especially for a primary. So I can only imagine how many voters we are losing. Unless of course, the lack of information is only a problem for a segmented part of the public, and not the public as a whole, which has it’s own set of problems (for example, is the information being withheld for a reason? Shudder...)

I am committed to having a breakthrough in the NY election system, so please do what you can to get to the polls. Show up at the last location you voted at and see if you are on the list. If you have questions, call them- flood their phone systems. Don’t be complacent- make a difference!

And now for the political stuff:

I am voting for Hillary Clinton. She is great! Here is an article on why:

New York Times endorses Hillary

Here is one of my most important issues- even if you are not voting for Hillary, please consider voting for someone with a positive record of bringing funding to the arts:

Americans for the Arts: ArtsVote2008

Hillary Clinton’s position on the arts

Get out there and vote!


  1. For anyone who still needs to find where they vote, you can use the NYC Board of Elections online poll locator:


  2. Update- you can also check if you are registered to vote by going to http://www.votepoke.org. However, as was the case when I went onto the NY State website, they cannot find my registration records online. When I called the guy yesterday, he asked me my name, date of birth and address, and came up with the location. I assume this means that I was in his system. But now I am a little worried. So, I will head over to the polling place with an ID and a utility bill so they can see my residence. I wish I still have my registration info from 2006...

  3. I am now a "permanent mail voter" (I was always a permanent male voter... this is different) in California. It means that I get my ballot in the mail at my house weeks (in this case, months) before the election, and I just have to fill it out and mail it back in. Pretty cool.

  4. I don't know if it's the whole of NY. Some of my mates had much better luck.

    Hillary, eh? We're in a lucky spot that whoever gets picked, America wins. Obama's great - even McCain's a pretty awesome guy.

    I'd pick Obama over Hill just because I think he's younger, more dynamic and less entrenched in political history. But if Hillary wins, good luck to her. I admire her and her hubby very much.

  5. Come on people! Let's SPEAK UP! Tell everyone why you voted for Hillary:

    It is simple, private, and quick. To post to our website, use the 'Talk To Us' form here:

    Or Blog it here:

    Whichever way you choose, make sure you take a minute and SPEAK UP FOR HILLARY!

    Take Care, Sharon


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