Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm Backlogged!

I am a bit backlogged on audition stuff. And I want to get back on track, because I am tired of the posts that are 3 pages long (I am sure you are too.) So I am going to break up the potentially long posts into shorter, bite-sized ones, to make them more palatable (wow- that is not how I thought “palatable” was spelled...)

By the way, one of the reasons for my lack of blogging is actually an excess of blogging- on one blog or another! Or in answering questions on various message boards. This Web 2.0, while wildly effective, takes a lot of time and energy!

I may have to work backwards by talking about my most recent experiences first. That way, the memories are fresh! Tonight I went to a networking seminar with Cindi Rush Casting. She was great- and though I have been to over 30 of these events I still ended up hearing things in the Q&A I have never heard before, or they were presented a fresh new way. This is always a nice start to the session. Although one of the things that went less than perfectly was the very beginning of my actual audition time. I stood in front of her and she looked down at my resume, read through it, circled some things, and then looked back up, studying me. After an awkward moment of staring she looked back to the resume, and then back up again to study me. It took a few more awkward moments before it dawned on me that she may simply have been waiting for me to begin. So, I said, ”Oh, are you waiting for me?“ She smiled slowly and said yes. I laughed, and jumped right in- ultimately, it really doesn’t matter that there was that disconnect, but it did throw me off a bit.

But happily, after doing my ‘go-to“ monologue she asked me to do it again with a different perspective that breathed some life into the piece. It was good before, but now I think it is pretty great! Not only did I find a fun, new way to approach the monologue, but I also got to show her how well I can take direction with a well-prepared piece, which would bode well in any audition situation. Strangely, a lot of actors have trouble with that, so it was nice to show that it was a strength of mine. We had a lovely chat afterward, in which she commented the musical skills listed on my resume and she liked that I had strong credits. She told me should would put me on the short list of actors to call in for projects (most notably, she casts the developmental reading of new musicals at NYU, which boasts the best (or only?) musical theater writing program in the country. It would be fantastic to get to workshop new pieces!

I’ll log on again tomorrow and work backward with my other auditions and events- I have a whole week of catching up to do!

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  1. No matter how proficient you ("you" meaning "anyone") get at auditioning, there are still those awkward moments. Thanks for the funny menal image!

    Working with the up-and-comers at NYU would be great!


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