Thursday, February 21, 2008

A fun audition, and the ER

This Saturday I was invited to attend callbacks for a animated musical feature film- I am in top consideration for their leading female role. I showed up prepared with 9 pages of dialogue and 2 songs from the film. The auditions were held at a sound studio, and the performances were recorded so that the auditions could be listened to by the extended production team, who were not present. When I walked into the booth I was greeted by the composer/book writer who was amazingly warm and happy to see me. She said that she had been to my website and had gone through my vocal demos and absolutely loved my work. She kept telling me how funny I was, and how pure my voice sounded, and that she thought I would be a good match for this project. After singing through the material and reading the scenes, she said that I had exactly the tone and sound they were going for, and were excited to have me as a possibility. Though we recorded the session, there was something wrong with the tracks they were using so they asked me to go home and record one of the songs again and mail it to them. Luckily I have a Mac and have moderate tech abilities, so I was able to complete that today and fire it off by email. Even if I don’t get cast, it was wonderful to walk into an audition and know that my marketing materials have put me ahead of the pack. It meant that I could really relax into the audition and just show them what I can do. I’ll be sure to let you know if anything comes of it.

In other news, tomorrow I am finally debuting my standardized patient training program at one of New York’s busiest emergency rooms. This program uses actors to test ER residents on their clinical skills when dealing with a difficult patient (me) in a high stress locale (the ER.) I am going in under cover with a tape recorder and an entire fake record, which will help the hospital system make sure they are training its doctors the right way. It will be very exciting but I am also a little nervous- I hope they don’t try to stick me with needles or something...

Friday I am doing background work on “Guiding Light“ - I am playing a waitress. I am actually a must-join for AFTRA (since I did an AFTRA commercial last summer) so I have to go to the union tomorrow and join before I get on set Friday. There’s a $1300 initiation fee- phew! Thanks goodness for credit cards. The good news is I can easily make that back in 7-8 days of background work (or principal work, of course, in 2 days or less.)

Still doing a ton of audition seminars- will highlight those another day. I have to go to bed now so I can be rested for the ER tomorrow...

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