Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Creeped out a little

I just did my daily check of my web stat counter and found that someone had looked me up twice on the Yahoo search engine, and then looked me up a third time with my name and "boyfriend" in the search.

Maybe they wanted to know if I had starred in the musical, "The Boyfriend" but I somehow doubt it...


  1. Ah, the wonders of cyber stalking. I will confess I've searched for ex girlfriends online and been surprised at the result. One got voted 6th sexiest lawyer in Manhattan, another is still working at the same dead end job she had when I was going out with her (six years ago, before she got her masters) and another is married to somebody far more succesful and handsome than me.

    Maybe it was an old flame of yours, wondering what happened to the one who slipped through his fingers.

  2. It was me. Sorry. I forgot my name but remembered it was the same as your boyfriend's. I also searched "Nunu's customer of the year" and "Maggie Gyllenhaal Heather Locklear three-way" (you did already know about that, right?). I never found anything on google, but then remembered that my sister knew my name and so I called her.

  3. "Maggie Gyllenhaal Heather Locklear three-way" got far less interesting results than I would have hoped.

    And only ONE cyber-stalker? That's not likely.

  4. My dog, I love these comments...


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