Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Actors are cool

I had a really fun time at the audition seminar last night. I met with Jill Creighton from Guiding Light, and she paired each of us with a partner to read scenes. I was the last person to be paired up, with another person named Aaron (different spelling than me, of course.) We looked at each other and laughed- I guess they thought it was cute to put the two people with the same name together. But he and I had great chemistry, which basically meant that when we read the scene it looked like we had been friends for years, even though we had just met an hour before. All of which was very good for a "cold paired" audition. Afterward I met up with my dear friend, Kory, for a little night on the town, and Aaron came with us. We talked about politics, acting, geek-dom, and a host of other things I have forgotten in the haze of the 3 martinis I had. Fun times.

Oh, and Jill said she really liked our read (and commented on the chemistry) and after giving us an adjustment congratulated us on giving a great 2nd read and giving her exactly what she asked for. I am starting to feel like an old pro at this...

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