Monday, January 28, 2008

The world keeps turning

I had a very good weekend for my career, if I do say so myself! First, as I mentioned in a previous post, I was selected to participate in a general meeting (by phone) with Los Angeles casting director, Mark Sikes, who is the author of the Casting Corner. Though we had slated 10 minutes to talk, we ended up speaking for over 40 minutes about trends in the business, and how I can best promote myself to casting directors and production companies on the east coast. Towards the middle of the conversation he commented that he found me to be very enterprising and to have great business savvy, and he said that this was not common among actors who are notorious for putting most of their energy into the creative side. He especially liked the fact that I was giving back to the community by providing solid coaching to actors through my coaching service. He said that based on my headshot and resume I seemed to be a very cast-able type, and the goal in the next 6 months should be for me to get good, solid representation. Between now and Feb 29 I have 7 meetings scheduled with commercial and legit agents, and I am actively developing relationships with about 6 others that I have met in the past few months. I think that I should have an agent sooner than the 6 months time frame. Mark asked me to keep him posted on my successes and to let him know if I am ever in LA, especially if I plan to move there. It was a great phone call, and I felt like a million bucks afterward.

Early on Sunday morning I had an audition for a student film. The piece was beautifully written, and the role I was going in for was the lead who gets to go through a whole series of emotions related to her desire to have a child. They asked me to prepare two scenes but they ended up asking me to do two more. Even if I don’t get cast, getting to perform emotional film scenes is a great way to start your Sunday- I felt creative and successful and ready to tackle the week!

Next up-- tonight I have an audition seminar with Kate Martineau from “As The World Turns.” I’ll be sure to post the details soon!


  1. Excellent! Way to go!

    Also, even if you stay in NY, you can always head to LA for pilot season now and again, once you've got representation.

  2. You know, this was interesting- he said that unless I am a "name" actor or I plan to move to LA immediately that I should not bother to come out for pilot season. He said that often non-LA actors do not plan enough time in LA, and when they finally get a meeting/audition for a pilot the actors are often back in their home state and cannot get to LA in time for the call. He said that this makes LA casting director's wary about auditioning actors who are from out of state because they never know if the actor will be available. I think a good agent can make sure that these kinds of things run smoothly, but it was certainly an interesting perspective that I didn't expect.

    I am still planning on building relationships with LA casting directors as much as possible, and I am glad to hear you share my thoughts on that! =)


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