Wednesday, January 9, 2008

They really want me

I got another call today from the background casting agent for Naomi Watts' film- this time they want me for photo double work on Thursday. They need an alternate actor to shoot a scene where Naomi's character is driving across the 59th St Bridge. What is fun about this is that I would be the primary actor working in the scene. The less cool part is that I am wouldn't be working with any other principal actors (for example, Clive Owen, who stars in the movie with her.) But I may not even choose to take the project, should they pick me out of the group. Through another casting agent, I was put on avail for 2 days of featured background work on another project which shoots Thursday and Friday, conflicting with the Naomi shoot. I have not yet heard one way or the other yet on either project- which is pretty par for the course. They'll call you, put you on avail and then they may never use you. Ultimately, I would choose the 2 day gig- 1) because it pays more and, 2) I get actual screen time. With photo double work I would be on screen but the assumption is that I am Naomi. If I did the other project I would be playing my own character on screen. Plus there is always, though a slim, chance of an upgrade.

As if that weren't enough, this evening I received a call from a theater I had submitted for asking me to come for an audition on, you guessed it, THURSDAY. Why they couldn't choose Wednesday, or Friday, I will never know. I should have confirmation from the films one way or the other in the morning (Wed), but in the meantime I am going to call the theater and see if I can come in to see them any other day BUT Thursday.

I guess this is a nice problem to have- if only one of these projects could propel my career to the next level!


  1. I'm off Thursday. Do you want to have coffee?

  2. Hope you]ll take the Naomi Watts' job. She is such a great actress and it would be an honor to be her stand-in, maybe for once in a lifetime :)

  3. Well, I had already given up the stand in job. This would be to photo double, so unfortunately I wouldn't even get to meet her...

  4. Heh... typical.

    You can not hear anything from anyone fro days or even weeks, and then all of a sudden, you get 3 or 4 calls from different people for different gigs on the same day.

    Happens to us all the time!


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